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#510 : Le bal de promo

Le bal de promo prend une tournure inattendue.


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Reality Does Not Bite

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Le bal de promo

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The Enchanted Fantasy Prom

Jenna: I was glad Tamara has got her fairy tails ending but this Cinderella was turning back into a pumpkin.

Jenna: Oh, what is that? Gloria?

Gloria: Oh, my God. My vodka broke.

Jenna: You mean your water broke?

Gloria: No, my vodka. I had it tucked in my pregnancy underwear. There's a lot of room in these things. Oh, relax, it's Fred's. You really think I'd drink vodka? I'm pregnant.

Fred: Which is why I need to drink vodka.

Jenna: I'm sorry about that.

Gloria: You look really pretty, though.

Fred: Yeah, Jenna, you're on fire.

Jenna: Thank you, guys.

Fred: No, you're on fire.

Jenna: Help me.


Jenna: The combination of cheap vodka and cheaper fabric had left me burning to get out of there. It was time to call it a night.


Matty: Thank you for not letting me call it a night. It would've been a mistake to let prom go by without telling Jenna I'm into her.

Sadie: You're welcome.


Sadie: Want your booze back? Liquid courage.

Matty: You keep it. I want to be all there when I tell Jenna I love her.

Sadie: Ugh, and I want to be nowhere near there. I'll probably projectile vomit all over this chic-ass dress. All right, I'll find you later.

The Enchanted Fantasy Prom

Valerie: Okay, ladies and gents, this is your senior prom, which means I expect you all to behave like... Ladies and gents. No BJs in the bathroom, no dirty dancing, no touching tongues on the dance floor, and no contact below the waist… Oh, and most importantly, no booze. Anyone caught getting saucy on the sauce will be banned from walking at graduation. Hey, hey, hey, hey, five fingers' distance between you and your partner at all times… Gross.

Theo: I've got five fingers and nowhere to put them.


Vanessa: You smell amazing. What is it?

Jake: Deodorant.


Tamara: Careful, the prude police are watching.

Adam: I kind of like not being engaged anymore. I feel like I don't have to be as respectful… But, like, in a hot way.

Tamara: You mean like you've been holding back this whole time and what you really wanted to do is rip off my clothes and treat me like a cheap whore? I love that.

Adam: Good.

Tamara: Since we're not saving ourselves for marriage anymore, maybe we can be really disrespectful to each other tonight?

Adam: This is your prom. We are in a hotel. You think they have any rooms?


Matty: Hey, sorry I left.

Jake: You left? I guess I didn't notice.

Matty: I can see that. Have you two seen Jenna?

Jake: Yeah, I saw her a bit ago. Is everything okay?

Matty: It will be, if I can find her.

Jake: Oh, well, just keep looking, dude. She's got to be here somewhere. Where else would she go? Oof. Hello.

Hamilton’s house: living room

Lacey: What are you doing home? Is it over? Oh, my God. Did prom burn down?

Jenna: No, just my night.

Lacey: What happened?

Jenna: I tried my best, okay? I went, I saw, it conquered me.

Lacey: Honey.

Hamilton’s house: bathroom

Lacey: But it's your senior prom. Did you win queen?

Jenna: I left before they announced it.

Lacey: What? Why?

Jenna: It's no big deal.

Lacey: Do you know what I would've given to just be nominated for prom queen? I was pregnant at my prom. I missed out on so much because of that, and you... You left early?

Jenna: I'm sorry if my leaving early hurts you, but I couldn't stay any longer. I tried, but my first dress got ruined. My second dress caught on fire, and Adam showed up to surprise Tamara. Her dream prom came true… And I am happy for her, but I couldn't stay at prom with no date, a melted dress just so that you could live out some vicarious fantasy of a prom that you never had… God, I am turning my phone off, and I am getting ready for bed. Good night.

Lacey: Okay.

The Enchanted Fantasy Prom

Lissa: Sadie, you came back! I knew you wouldn't abandon me at prom. Isn't it a dream?

Theo: Hallucination, maybe.

Sadie: I'm about five drinks away from seeing this as a dream.

Lissa: A drink? Why didn't you say so? One cup of prancing pony punch coming right up.

Theo: Looking fierce tonight, queen.

Sadie: I'm not giving you any booze, Prince Charmless.

Theo: You either? This is oppressive. Everybody knows that the only way to get through prom is in a permanent brown-out. Blackout light, just the right amount of drunk.

Drew: Hey, we have a room.

Sadie: Good for you, sluts.

Drew: No, not for hooking up. For partying.

Cole: We can share.

Sadie: I don't hate that idea.

Theo: I find myself not hating that idea either.


Matty: Hey, Lissa, have you seen Jenna?

Lissa: I saw the back of her when she left, which is really uncool. Prom court pairs are going to be uneven now.

Matty: She left?

Lissa: Well, at least my prom king is here. Oops.

Matty: Okay, thanks.

Lissa: Don't listen to me!

Hamilton’s house: Jenna’s bedroom

Jenna: I'm not listening.

Lacey: Jenna...

Jenna: I told you, I'm done with tonight.

Lacey: Just hear me out. I've been thinking about what you said about me wanting to experience prom vicariously through you. I Googled "vicarious," and you are not wrong about me projecting some of my own stuff onto you in the past, but that is not what this is about. I want you to go back for you. Think about how far you've come. Do you know how pissed sophomore Jenna would be at senior Jenna right now? You were just nominated for prom queen.

Jenna: The way my night was going, I wasn't gonna win.

Lacey: So? So your night wasn't a dream… It wasn't perfect… But if you sit around waiting for everything to be perfect, life is gonna pass you by while you're eating ice cream in your pajamas.

Jenna: I already washed my face.

Lacey: Slap on some blush.

Jenna: My dress is ruined. I can't go in that. I don't look like a prom queen.

Lacey: To be honest, that dress was jacked to begin with. You know, I don't think those people nominated you because of how you look. I think you were nominated because of how you are. All those people liked you enough to vote for you. Are you really gonna insult them by not being there?

Jenna: Mom was right... It was time to put the rocky road that was tonight behind me. Plus, eating your feelings only works in Lifetime movies.

Jenna: All right, I'll go back.

Lacey: Yay! Oh, sorry, dress.

Jenna: Eh, it had nothing left to lose.

The Enchanted Fantasy Prom

Lissa: Jenna, you're back! And you're wearing a sundress.

Jenna: Why isn't everyone dancing?

Valerie: Whoria Gloria... Or just Gloria, back away from your date. Double pregnant is a real thing.

Lissa: Does that answer your question? Val is acting like a crazy lady.

Jenna: You mean like herself?

Lissa: Yeah, but worse.


Valerie: You think I don't see you. I do.

Will: Hey, easy, tiger. Hey, I know that your heart is in the right place here, but it's their senior prom, so let them have a little fun.

Valerie: But they're almost done, and this is my last chance to mold them.

Will: Well I think you deserve a little fun too, hmm? Come on.

Valerie: You know I can't resist you in khaki.

Will: That's right.


Jenna: Did I miss prom court announcements?

Lissa: No, we haven't done it yet because nobody's here. Ugh! Where is everybody?

Hotel room

Gabby: Five fingers, bitch.


Tamara: Well, it's not a private room, but it's free, and no one's paying attention to us. I can't believe we're gonna have sex for the first time on prom night. How hot is that?

Adam: Tamara, we can't exactly have sex in here.

Tamara: Well, of course not right here, but there's a bathroom.

Hamilton’s house: Jenna’s back door

Matty: Oh, sh...

Kevin: Hey, Matty. So is this a thing? You come to this door and not the front one?

Matty: Uh... First time?

Kevin: Ah.

Matty: I'm sorry, Mr. Hamilton. I'm just looking for Jenna. Is she here?

Kevin: She was, but then she left. Her mother drove her back to the prom.

Matty: Oh.

Kevin: Everything all right?

Matty: Yeah, totally. Thanks.

Kevin: Hey, I ever tell you about my prom? Man, what a night. Can I get you something? Come here. Take a load off… Chill out.

Hotel room

Drew: Here, it's a tasty concoction. Try it.

Sadie: Is this apple vodka? I thought gays had better taste. This drink is a hate crime.

Cole & Theo: Snatchy!

Drew: Miss Saxton if you're nasty.

Cole: Janet Jackson reference.

Theo: Respect.

Drew: Thank you, Two Directions.

Theo: Zing again! Ah, where'd you find this guy?

Cole: Boys "R" Us.

Sadie: Jesus, they've multiplied.

Theo: I'm sorry for calling you basic for wanting to go to prom. That was basic of me. It's okay.

Cole: Dressing up like Janet's brother Michael circa the "Bad" tour definitely makes up for it.

Lissa: So this is where everyone is? Sadie? Even you? And, Theo, you're supposed to be my date. I worked so hard to make tonight the best prom ever. Why doesn't anyone appreciate it?

Sadie: Thanks a lot, Hamiltuna.

Jenna: How is this my fault? I just got here.

Sadie: Any time any of my friends is upset, it always leads back to you. Come on, you gays, we're going back downstairs. Lissa doesn't deserve any of this.

Cole: Do we have to? It's so lame down there.

Theo: Not anymore.

All: Not anymore!

Hamilton’s house: Jenna’s bedroom

Kevin: Back then, we called them love bites… So then Lacey's dad walks in. He's like, "I think that my daughter is allergic to something in your car." And I'm just sitting there trying not to laugh.

Matty: I'm trying not to laugh right now. It's very, very hilarious.

Kevin: Right? So then Lacey gets this idea. She's like, "We should just... I think..."

Matty: Hey, so, Mr. Hamilton...

Kevin: Huh?

Matty: This has been great. I really... I got to go.

Kevin: Where?

Matty: Back to prom. I am trying to get in one dance with Jenna before the whole thing's over.

Kevin: Oh, why didn't you say something? Hey, go get our girl.

Matty: Okay.

Kevin: All right.

The Enchanted Fantasy Prom

Theo: I'm really sorry for leaving you alone. That was not charming… You pulled together the most original prom that any of these Conrad clones will ever see, and I love you for it.

Lissa: Aw, that's so sweet.

Kyle: Hey, Lissa, this punch is great!

Lissa: Thanks!

Boy: Yeah, it's delicious.

Lissa: Yay, someone cast a spell over prom and made it enchanted again!

Theo: Bibbity bobbity booze.

Lissa: Huh?

Theo: Huh?

Lissa: Best prom ever!


Matty: Hey, have you seen Jenna?

Kyle: Every night in every dream.

Matty: How about tonight?

Kyle: Uh, yeah, she's probably upstairs in the party room, but you're not going up there right now, are you? They're about to announce prom court, and... Well, I'm not supposed to tell anyone, but, uh, I'm winning king.

Matty: You are?

Kyle: Yeah, Troy told me. He knows the girl who counts the votes, so...

Matty: Oh, that is great, dude. I will be back in time for your big moment, I promise.

Hotel room

Matty: Hello? Oh, hey, have you seen Jenna?

Adam: Hey.

Tamara: Jenna? She left.

Matty: Again?

Tamara: Again? What do you mean again? She left, like, two hours ago.

Matty: She came back. You haven't seen her?

Tamara: I haven't seen anyone in... 45 minutes?

Matty: That's... Okay.

The Enchanted Fantasy Prom

Jake: Pretty strong face salute you gave Vanessa back there.

Gabby: I believe that's what's referred to as a "bitch slap."

Jake: Which one of you is the bitch?

Gabby: Fair.

Jake: Are you sure you're not embarrassed to be dancing with me right now?

Gabby: I shouldn't have said that you taking a gap year was embarrassing, but you clearly got me back, Jacob. It was not fun watching my friends climb over you like a human jungle gym.

Jake: Yeah, what's up with that?

Gabby: Hmm. Girls are weird. You know that.

Jake: Including you. You only wanted me back when you saw me with Vanessa, which I'm okay with. Use me.

Gabby: Okay, a big part of why I freaked out about the gap year thing is, I don't know what we're doing next year. I don't really want a boyfriend while I'm brand-new at Stanford… Does that make sense?

Jake: Yeah, I didn't want to be the one to break it off, but I didn't know how it was gonna work with me down here and you all the way up there.

Gabby: So I guess we should go our separate ways?

Jake: The calmest breakup I've ever been a part of.

Gabby: Me too. I'm kind of impressed by us.

Jake: Yeah. Are you impressed by this? Am I embarrassing you, Gabby?

Gabby: I'm not embarrassed. But those people should be.

Jake: Whoa, it looks like someone forgot the "nothing below the waist" rule!


Lissa: Valerie Marks? Five-finger distance please. Also, it's time to crown the prom king and queen. All prom court nominees, please come up to the stage… Matty, let's go, let's go! Ooh, watch my dress.

Valerie: All right, everyone shape up. We're gonna start here. Can I get everyone's attention? Look over here.


Sadie: Ugh!

Valerie: Okay, all right. Time to crown some Palos Hills royalty.

Sadie: Idiots, they'll see this.

Valerie: Prom court, yeah!

Principal Cox: Young lady, what do you have there?

Sadie: Empty liquor bottles, sir. I know, but they're not mine.

Principal Cox: Miss Saxton, have you been drinking tonight?

Sadie: How was I supposed to know that the punch was spiked? I'd never voluntarily drink lighter fluid.

Principal Cox: Let me see the purse.

Sadie: What is this? A stop and frisk? I'm a U.S. citizen. I have rights.

Principal Cox: You're a student, so actually, you don't. Give me the purse… You're not walking at graduation. Those were the rules.

Sadie: But I'm valedictorian. I'm giving a speech.

Principal Cox: Not anymore you're not.


Valerie: The moment you've all been waiting for. It is time to crown some Palos Hills royalty. Gonna do it any second now, right after a drum roll. Can we get a drum roll in here? Is there a drum roll? Okay, forget it. That's all right… Um, and your prom queen is... Heather Lee.

Kyle: No hard feelings?

Valerie: And your king is...

Matty: Kyle! Your king is Kyle!

Kyle: Okay! Thanks, buddy! And thanks to all of you. You've made me very proud. That's good.

Valerie: All right. Tha... That's great. That's too much. All right, time for your spotlight dance with your court. Have at it, royals. You're better than all of us. Enjoy it while it lasts.


Jenna: So I wasn't queen. So what? I was still glad to be there… Mom was right. I shouldn't miss this moment even if it wasn't about me.

Matty: Uh... Can I cut in?

Troy: Yeah, I prefer blondes anyway.

Julie 1: I guess that makes you a gentleman.

Troy: Why?

Julie 1: Gentlemen prefer blondes. Duh, it's a hair commercial.

Matty: Jenna, I know a lot has happened between us. We've both made mistakes, I've messed up more than once, and I can tell that you're over it, but the thing is... I love you. I just do. And it's not something I can decide to do or decide not to do. It's just... It's like breathing. I always have, and I always will, and I just... I couldn't let your senior prom go by without telling you.

Jenna: I couldn't believe it. It was the most romantic moment any girl had ever had at any prom, but he was right. We had both hurt each other so many times, it was just... Too late.

Matty: Jenna, you know what? You don't even have to answer. I love you, and I just had to say that.

Valerie: Okay, that's the end of the prom court dance. Everyone, have at it!

Jenna: Matty, wait! I love you. I always have. I just had to say it.

Jenna: In the end, I didn't get my dream prom, but the reality was so much better.

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