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#509 : Dis non à la robe

Jenna a envie de passer un bal de promo de rêve avec Tamara malgrè un certain nombre d'obstacle.


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Say No To The Dress

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Dis non à la robe

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Jenna: I'm so glad we're going to prom together.

Tamara: Same. So what if neither of us is going with the guy we expected. Doesn't mean we can't blow it out. Uh, I mean have a great time. I definitely want a blow out, sleek and chic.

Jenna: I'm still going with someone I love.

Tamara: You know what? Yes. Yes to what you're doing there. My dream was to go to prom with Adam, but I messed that up and I am not going to mess up prom too by moping about it… Thank you. And nice to meet you Positive Polly.

Jenna: Nice to be here. Let's do this.

Jenna: It was senior prom and I was determined to say yes to all of it. I had been dreaming of this night for four years. Okay, so going with Matty had been a big part of that dream, but I could still have the rest. A good attitude, a great dress, and even an improbable shot at prom queen. So I didn't have my dream date. I could still have my dream night.

Hairdresser: Okay, girls. Are you ready to see yourselves?

Jenna: Yes to everything, right, T?

Tamara: Yes!

Both: No!


Jenna: Note to selves: Never get your hair done at a place called "Ivana Haircut".

Tamara: I said, "sleek and chic." My hair looks like a bouquet of flaming hot Cheetos.

Jenna: Come on, we still have time to get home and wash this off before anyone sees us.

Tamara: Dude, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up. Not a word.

Jake: Uh, actually we're just on our way to get our hair done, too.

Matty: It's a good thing we ran into you. I was going to do that. Imagine if we had the same hairstyle at prom. So embarrassing.

Jenna: Crisis averted.

Tamara: Okay, well just know that the next time you see us, we will look hot.

Jake: I'll believe that when I see it.

Jenna: I had accepted that I wasn't going to prom with Matty. I had even convinced myself that I wasn't wishing I was going to prom with Matty. But I at least wanted him wishing he were going with me.

Suit rent

Matty: Dude, what is this thing?

Jake: A cummerbund.

Matty: What's it for?

Jake: I have no idea. Probably so you don't have to suck in your gut all night.

Matty: Oh, ho, my gut?

Jake: Oof. Whoever invented these hates me.

Matty: That's what clip-ons are for.

Jake: Oh. So, uh, was it uncomfortable, seeing Jenna?

Matty: There's only two weeks left till graduation. I am just trying to be chill.

Jake: I just always figured you'd go to prom together.

Matty: She's not into it. I mean, she told me to go to Berkeley. I'm just gonna try to get to the end of school on good terms with her.

Jake: It's just weird. Never would have called you going with Sadie and me going solo. I feel like a lame third wheel.

Matty: Ah, don't worry about it. We're all going as friends. Tonight's not gonna be about hooking up for me either.

Jake: Dude, we are such studs! Talking about not hooking up with people at our senior prom. Whoo. Tss.

Matty: Are you done?

Jake: Huh?

Lissa’s bedroom

Sadie: You are so gonna get some tonight. Your boobs look amazing in this thing.

Lissa: Get some what?  Compliments? My date's gay, so he probably doesn't care about boobs. Oh, my God. What if he doesn't show up? I have worked so hard to make tonight perfect. Nobody better screw it up!

Sadie: Relax. It's gonna be great.

Lissa: It has to be better than great. It has to be an enchanting fantasy.

Sadie: Chill, Promzilla. You're starting to sound a little crazy.

Lesley: Knock, knock.

Sadie: Speaking of crazy.

Lesley: Prom night. I made you girls some mocktails. Twinkie-tinis. Cute, huh? Can you believe? I threw on my old prom dress just as a goof and it still fits.

Lissa: Mom, we've been over this. You're old. You shouldn't be wearing that… But thanks for the drinks.

Lesley: Oh. Well, I wasn't trying to upstage you, bunny. Have fun.

Sadie: You and your mom seem to be getting along much better since you introduced her to orgasms.

Lissa: Yeah. She's not uptight at all anymore. She's super-obsessed with being, like, young and hot. It's like she thinks she's my friend, which she's not. She's my best friend.

Sadie: That's pathetic.

Lissa: I thought you and Darlene were getting along, too.

Sadie: She's just trying to impress her rich boyfriend, Ted, with what a good mom she is so he'll marry her sorry ass. But I'm telling him the truth about her tonight.

Lissa: Oh, no. First Sergio broke up with you and now your mom's a fake? It's not a enchanting fantasy at all.

Sadie: No. No, it's not… Tonight is my Ted talk and the topic is "My Mom's a fucking liar."

Hamilton’s house: Jenna’s bedroom

Tamara: Lana Del Yay. So hot.

Jenna: Thanks. It was almost impossible to find. But it's what Lissa mandated for prom court. Floor-length and white.

Lacey: Oh, honey, you're beautiful. Do you know what I would have given to look this gorgeous at my prom?

Jenna: Hmm, your virginity? Oh, wait, too late.

Lacey: Very funny. I had to wear an empire waist.

Tamara: Hey, yeah, wait. Jenna, this isn't your first senior prom. You went in utero.

Kevin: A toast. To my favorite young ladies on their prom night.

Lacey: What? Are you nuts? Giving our daughter alcohol? That stains. She's in a white dress. Oh.

Kevin: Are you nuts? You almost knocked the whole tray over.

Lacey: Oh, stop whining, baby. That's it. Put Jenna's wine in a sippy cup. The one that Nana sent for the baby… I can't believe he would even chance that. Men do not understand the importance of the prom dress.

Tamara: They also don't understand how much work this all is.

Jenna: Well, let's hope they just think we're effortlessly beautiful.

Jenna: And by "they," I admit, I mostly meant Matty. Even though I couldn't have him, I still wanted him to want me.

Lacey: Ah, there you go.

Jenna: Thanks, Dad. Cheers to a fantasy prom.

Tamara: Yes!

Lacey: Yes.

Jenna: Yay!

Tamara: Or nay.

Kevin: How do I know how to put the top on a sippy cup? Why would you give me that job?

Lacey: There is no way I can get that out.

Jenna: There's no way I can wear this dress to prom.

Lacey: Okay. We have an hour. Let's go… Come on… Let's go, people.


Jenna: I should have gotten the one at Nordstrom Rack. Now they're closed.

Tamara: That was a housecoat, Jenna and it wasn't even white; it was ecru.

Jenna: Well it was the only one we saw that was floor-length.

Lacey: We have been to every store in Palos Hills, twice.

Tamara: Not every store… Yanni, I'm gonna need you to pull 508, 22, and 41B.

Lacey: Yanni?

Lissa’s house: entrance

Lesley: Ah. Babies, your dates are here.

Theo: Figured as long as I'm going to participate in this sick charade, I might as well go full metallic jacket.


Matty: Wow, sexy Sadie.

Sadie: Looking very McConaughey, McKibben.

Matty: All right, all right, all right.

Sadie: Never do that again.

Matty: All right.

Lesley: Okay, line up, kiddos. Oh. You all look so hot.

Theo: Sick. Who invited my mom?

Darlene: Sadie, you look stunning.

Ted: She is a looker, just like her mother.

Darlene: I am so glad to be here for this milestone.

Sadie: Yeah, the first one you've been here for since my birth, but you didn't really have a choice that time.

Darlene: Can I speak with you? What in God's name has gotten into you?

Sadie: Ted told me how close you said we were, how we text every day and Skyped on the weekends.

Darlene: I may have embellished a little.

Sadie: How he really respected people who put their kids first. How he could never marry a woman who didn't have a close relationship with her daughter.

Darlene: Sweetheart, ahem, you can understand...

Sadie: What I understand is that you only came here to convince Ted you were a good mom so you could trick him into marrying you… You are so full of shit, Darlene. I should have never let you back in my life.

Darlene: Are you gonna tell Ted?

Sadie: No. I'm not. It's not worth it. He'll find out on his own eventually what a terrible person you are… But until then, enjoy keeping up the act… It's something you've always been really good at.

Lacey’s car

Jenna: Are you sure this dress is okay?

Tamara: It is long. It is white, and it is time to go in. Say yes, remember?

Lacey: Have fun, girls.

Jenna: Oh!


Jenna: Oh. I'm okay.

Tamara: You're lucky I was such a great customer when I was a bride not-to-be. Yanni wouldn't open his bridal shop after 6:00 on a Saturday for just anyone.

Groom: Good evening, ladies. Klosserman wedding, ballroom three. You must be Mrs. Klosserman. Mazel Tov.

Jenna: Perhaps I should have said no to the dress.


Vanessa: Hi.

Jake: Hi.

Matty: You okay? You seem kinda quiet.

Sadie: I'm fine.

Matty: I know you'd rather be here with Sergio.

Sadie: It's not that. I think I just broke up with my mom.

Matty: What happened?

Sadie: The new Darlene turned out to be the old Darlene in disguise.

Matty: Oh, man, I am sorry.

Sadie: You don't seem all that psyched to be here yourself. I don't want to ruin your night.

Matty: You're not. Hey, it's our senior prom. We should try to enjoy it. We got all dressed up. We're here. This tux wasn't easy to get into.

Sadie: Try getting into this dress.

Matty: Should I? I thought we were just here as friends.

Sadie: Very funny. Have you ever worn Spanx? It's like a tourniquet for your internal organs.

Matty: See, we can do this. We can have a good time tonight.

Sadie: You're right.

Matty: Yeah.

Sadie: After all, it's not just some crappy dance with punch and sad supermarket cookies. It's senior prom.

Matty: Yeah. It's, like, fancy and adult.

Sadie: I'll be an adult about it if you will.

Matty: Deal.

The Enchanted Fantasy Prom

Lissa: Welcome to the enchanted fantasy prom. There are magic wish cupcakes on the table over there. And be sure to sign up for the raffle. You could win a rainbow.

Sadie: Nope. Nope, nope. Nope, nope. No.

Matty: We're out.


Jenna: Excuse me. Sorry. Can you move? Thanks. Excuse me. Sorry… Very funny.

Tamara: Let's dance.

Jenna: The Julies aren't wearing floor-length dresses.

Tamara: What the slut? I can see Julie's patchouli.

Jenna: They're on prom court… Why aren't you guys in floor-length dresses? I thought we had to.

Julie 1: Rules are like hymens on prom night: there to be broken.

Julie 2: And it would be a crime to deprive the male population of this school of a look at our legs.

Tamara: And your everything else.

Lissa: Jenna! You look like a real live princess.

Jenna: No. You look like a princess. I look like "The Princess Bride."

Lissa: Why is everyone so crabby? The Julies look like harlots, you've got on a sourpuss, and Sadie and Matty left.

Jenna: Matty left?

Tamara: Don't count us among the Prom-atized, Lissa. We are here to have the dream night. Right, Jenna?

Jenna: I never even saw him, which meant he never saw me. Considering my change of a dress, maybe that wasn't such a bad thing.

Jenna: Right.


Vanessa: Look, I love Gabby. She's my best friend. But I get it. I mean, she can be a lot to take.

Jake: Oh, well, I wouldn't say that exactly.

Vanessa: No, you wouldn't. You're too nice of a guy to say that. But that's what I'm here for. Come on. Dance with me.

Jake: Okay.

Friend 1: I got next.

Friend 2: Then me.

Jake: Oh, um... Okay. Hey.


Sadie: Leave some for me!

Matty: Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Sadie: This is so much better than that Barbie dream prom. We probably have a chance of getting into a decent bar for once. We look like a rich couple.

Matty: Ahem, Jeeves, take us to the Four Seasons. My wife here would like a... What does a rich lady drink?

Sadie: I don't know. We should ask my mom what she orders when she's trying to pretend to be good enough for her moneybags boyfriend. I cannot believe Darlene is such a lying hag.

Matty: You should just get it out. Hey, all that anger, it's gonna harsh our buzz. Get it out. Get it out!

Sadie: Fuck my mom! Oh! That felt great... And taxing. I'm hungry.

Matty: Mmm. Me too. You think this thing will fit through a drive thru?

Both: Whoo!

The Enchanted Fantasy Prom

Jake: Ladies, put a pin in this. I'll be back, and I will dance with every single one of you, but right now I'm dying of thirst.

Lissa: Hi, Jakey. Having fun?

Jake: Oh, what is this? It looks like melted ice cream.

Lissa: It's melted ice cream. Isn't it like living on a cloud?

Jake: Does this cloud have anything more hydrating to drink? Like water?

Lissa: Nope. Why are you so sweaty?

Jake: Because I haven't stopped dancing since I got here. I don't understand girls. Why would Gabby's friends be all over me right after she and I broke up?

Lissa: You really don't understand girls. Gabby's clique is called Intimidation Nation for a reason. They're super competitive.

Jake: Okay.

Lissa: Gabby is their leader. And you were Gabby's boyfriend. So if they get you, then they get the best, and thereby best Gabby.

Jake: Did you just say "thereby"?  That was weirdly genius.

Lissa: I've learned a lot working as the guidance counselor.


Jenna: So, T, is prom everything you hoped it would be?

Tamara: Yeah. It's fine. I mean, fun. Are you loving it?

Jenna: Uh, yeah, yeah. Uh, mostly. Not at this exact second, but... I give up.

Tamara: Okay. I'm gonna pull a "Pretty In Pink." All this dress needs is a little adjustment.

Jenna: T, what are you doing?

Tamara: Just wait a minute. Molly Ringwald made a whole new pretty dress out of two ugly ones… It always works in the movies.

Jenna: Now I just look like a bride in a ripped dress.

Tamara: That hem does look pretty ratchet. Maybe I shouldn't have used nail scissors.

Jenna: Maybe they have razors instead. I can just slit my wrists and get this whole night over with. No offense, it's just not how I saw my senior prom going.

Tamara: None taken. I love you, but this is not the dream. My hair is hard.

Jenna: This is so not the dream. I'm sorry I made us go get prom makeovers at the mall.

Tamara: I'm sorry I ruined your emergency dress surgery. I am no Molly Ringwald.

Jenna: To be honest, T, that dress in "Pretty In Pink" was fugly.

Tamara: Can we go now?

Jenna: We've definitely put in our time.

Tamara: Thank God.

The Enchanted Fantasy Prom

Tamara: It's the dream.

Jenna: I was glad someone at this prom was getting their happy ending. And if it couldn't be me, at least it was Tamara. Turns out that officer was a real gentleman.

Tamara: I can't believe you're actually here.

Adam: I can't really believe I am either. But I couldn't stop thinking about what you said that night at the base. We were really good together. And that doesn't come along often… I might kick myself for this later, but... Tamara Judith Kaplan, will you... Date me?

Tamara: Yes. Yes, of course.

Adam: Yes.

Tamara: Oh, Jenna?

Jenna: It's okay. I'm fine.

Tamara: I love you.

Jenna: I love you too.

Jenna: Tamara was living her dream, and I was going home to live mine. Rocky road, pajamas, and then bed.


Sadie: Well, I feel much better. Thank you for being here for me. Now let's get you back to prom.

Matty: Um, why? We've got snacks now.

Sadie: Matty, you're probably winning prom king. You can't miss that.

Matty: Nah. Seriously, I'm good. I don't want to go back.

Sadie: But you're Matty Fucking McKibben, and you're in a tux. You could impregnate, like, six girls tonight if you wanted to.

Matty: I'm not really in the mood, so...

Sadie: Mood? You're not in the mood? The only time you're ever not in the mood is when you're... Oh, God. Are you thinking about that nasty little... Is this about Hamilturd? Oh, my God, it so is… Okay. You did a good thing for me, so I'm gonna do a good thing for you… Matthew? Even thought it pains me to say this, you... Are in love with Jenna Hamilton. And even though I think it is a sick, compulsive fetish, which is obviously incurable, you have to tell her. You have to tell her because if you don't, you'll be the saddest king in Promland. And I can't let that happen.

Matty: Are you sure?

Sadie: Go... Go to her.

Matty: Hey, Jeeves. Take us back to prom.

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