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#414 : L'université

Les résultats d'admission à l'université sont dévoilés, tout comme les secrets !


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Welcome To Hell

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High school: hallway

Valerie: Greetings, PHHsers! Come on down to the career fair today and find out if you have good reason to be scared out of your gourds.

Jenna: Today was the day that SCU sent out their admission decisions. Any minute now, I'd receive an email that could change my life forever. And the great thing about it? I wasn't scared. I'd kicked ass in my interview and aced the last semester. Life was...

Owen: Jenna. How's it going?

Jenna: A real bitch sometimes.

Owen: Oh, it's... It's Owen. We kissed on New Year's Eve.

Jenna: Yeah, yeah, right. I knew that.

Owen: You had no idea I went here, did you?

Jenna: Not until I saw you at the cafeteria a couple days ago. I'm sorry.

Owen: But I'm only two grades below you.

Jenna: Wow! Did you go through a growth spurt?

Owen: A big one, last summer. Yeah, it was, uh, very painful. So listen, um, you know how you told me that you wished you knew more about classical music?

Jenna: Sure.

Owen: Cool. Well, I, um... Got you the perfect book to read.

Jenna: Wow. Thank you, Owen. That is so sweet… Okay, well, I, uh... I better get running.

Owen: All right, well, uh, talk soon, I hope.

Jenna: Mm-hmm.


Matty: Hey! Whatcha reading?

Jenna: It's nothing.

Matty: Oh, come on, let me see it.

Jenna: No.

Matty: Let me see it.

Jenna: No.

Matty: Let me see.

Jenna: Stop it! Stop...

Matty: What... "Cracking the Classics: Mozart, Bach, and Chopin for Beginners." Never pegged you for a music geek.

Jenna: Yeah, it's for school. Give it back.

Matty: Sure, sure. Talk to you later.

Jenna: I felt bad keeping Owen a secret, but I didn't want Matty to find out that I had broken our no hook-up pledge. And Owen was so young, a sophomore, which would make me a cougar at the ripe old age of 17.


Jenna: T, you excited about hearing from SCU? You must have been dreaming about this day since preschool.

Tamara: Excited? I'm a Kanye mess. In case you forgot, I puked all over my chances of getting into SCU. Literally.

Jenna: Okay, so you puked during your interview. No big deal. You have a 7.0 GPA.

Tamara: 5.2 weighted. But it doesn't matter. I'm toast. You, on the other hand, you killed it. They loved you. Your acceptance is practically signed, sealed, delivered, baby.

Boy: Oh, my God! I got into SCU!

Girl: Shut up, I got in too!

Tamara: O to all the mother-effing Gs... I'm in! Jenna?

Jenna: Um, does anyone else not have a signal? I'm gonna go outside to get a better signal.


Jenna: My reception was fine… It was my future that was in the dead zone.


Tamara: Jenna, that's b-a-n-a-n-a-s that you haven't heard from SCU yet. Do you want me to call them? I have the admissions office phone number.

Jenna: It's okay. I can wait.

Tamara: Ha. My first acceptance. Thank God I'm Tamara Ka-planner and thought to send notes to SCU from my GP, obgyn, and my psychologist explaining that the reason I was so cray during my interview is 'cause of my Osgood-Schlatter's.

Jenna: What's Osgood-Schlatter's?

Tamara: No idea, but it totes worked. Now I can finally go on snooze cruise control and get back to my fucking it list.

Jenna: What's left on there?

Tamara: Stuff that would eff up my flawless permanent record. O.M.G., maybe today will finally be the day I get my first detention. Come on, Jenna, let's go be teen trash together.

Jenna: Uh, rain check. I'm not really feeling so good.

Outside the high school

Jenna: Mom, can you pick me up? I think I'm sick.

Lacey: Yeah, you do look awful.

Jenna: Mom? What are you doing here?

Lacey: I told you, honey. We're helping out at the career fair. I'm passing out maps.

Kevin: And I'm talking about the window biz. You can't leave. Who's gonna help me hold up this gorgeous gal?


Jake: Gorgeous and an offer to Stanford. It's good to be Gabby.

Sadie: I'd rather be me and Ivy League.

Matty: Hey, Gabby.

Gabby: Not now.

Jake: Well, I believe that's a score for Matty McKibben.

Matty: Not even in the game, Jacob.

Jake: Yeah, that's what I say when I get dissed too.

Matty: Your last girlfriend wasn't a psycho… Okay, not as psycho. She's hot, but I'm not looking.

Jake: You know, I think I had class with her once. She seemed kinda stuck-up to me.

Sadie: Kind of? She is the queen of Intimidation Nation... Those smart jock bitches who spend every waking minute obsessed with athletics and acting superior to those who aren't.

Jake: Come on, Magic Matty. Time to dust off the wand.

Sadie: The Intimidation Nation only date college guys. You don't stand a chance.

Matty: Really. Is that so? That is quite the nice stroke you got there. It's Matty.

Gabby: I know who you are, McKibben.

Sadie: Poor McKitten. Looks like she got her ball and yours.

Career fair

Kevin: So, Jenna, when I'm enlightening your peeps on the synergy of style and energy savings of double-hung sash windows, you hold up this sample, okay?

Jenna: Yeah, sure.

Kevin: Hey, is everything okay?

Jenna: Actually, Dad, about SCU...

Kevin: Wait, let me guess. You haven't heard back yet. Well, don't worry, I got my acceptance late too. Doesn't mean anything.

Valerie: J!

Jenna: Hey, Valerie, quick question. Do colleges ever change their mind after a rejection? I'm just asking for a friend.

Valerie: Oh. No, never. No, that ship has sailed into the deep blue sea.

Jenna: Then I was sinking faster than the Titanic.

Owen: Hey, Jenna. Uh, when you're done with that book, would you wanna go see some classical music with me?

Jenna: I can't go out with you, Owen.

Owen: But why? I mean, I just kinda thought that you liked me, and, I mean, we had fun together, didn't we?

Jenna: We did and I do, but...

Owen: But what?

Jenna: I can't really give you a good reason, okay? Except for that sometimes things don't work out the way you want no matter how badly you want them too. It doesn't matter if you work your ass off or you give an amazing interview or you have an alum parent. You can still get rejected, okay? And that's just the way it is. It happens to everyone. And I'm sorry, but I just can't help it.


Matty: Hey. Hey, I heard you already signed a letter of intent to play tennis at Stanford. That's huge. Congrats.

Gabby: It's cute that you think flattering me will make me want to talk to you.

Matty: "Cute"? Does that mean it's working?

Gabby: Nope.

Jake: Strike two, buddy.

Valerie: Hey, kids. Please welcome to the stage a PHHs alum. She is brilliant. She is successful. She's got a great set of gams. She's... Me, Valerie Marks… Oh, how I wish that were true. It's corporate lawyer, Natalie Thompson.

Natalie: Thanks, Val. It's truly an honour to be back at PHHs.

Kevin’s stand

Kevin: What a lot of people don't understand about people who broker and install custom windows is that we're very creative… My lovely daughter, Jenna, acting as my assistant today. She might even want to take over the family business after she graduates from my Alma mater, SCU. Right, honey? Now what window do you think would look better in a ranch style home? This one or... This one?

Kyle: Lame. I thought this was Microsoft Windows.


Lissa: Take a year off after high school and help spread the word of Jesus Christ in super fun places like Uganda and Detroit… I really hope people come experience hell tent and want to become missionaries like Mommy and Daddy.

Tyler: It's quite a fascinating ritual.

Lissa: It's not a ritual. Hell tent shows non-believers what happens in the afterlife if you don't accept J.C. I play the guardian angel who steers them on the path of righteousness.

Lesley Miller: Actually, there's been a change of plans, cupcake.

“Welcome to Hell”

Lesley Miller: Now, kids, this is what happens when you're unable to resist Tyler. Oops, I mean lust.

Lissa: You shall hate the whore and make her, like, really desolate. Then you'll eat her flesh and burn her with fire? Ew, that's not going to really happen to me, is it?

Lesley Miller: We'll see… And this is Jesus Christ.

Sadie: If thou shalt disobey me ever, I will see to it that you all go to hell. So don't swear, don't drink, and never, ever wear those horrific outfits in my presence again. Jesus says, "you're welcome."

Lesley Miller: Gosh, where's your father when you need him?

Joe Miller: Honey, sweetheart, I am so sorry I'm late. That massage was so deep, I just dozed off right there on the table.

Lesley Miller: I'm just glad you made it. Do you like my costume? It's cute, huh?

Joe Miller: Sure, sure. But, Tyler, wowza! You must be lust.

Tyler: Indeed I am.

Lesley Miller: Doesn't he fit the part perfectly? Oh, here, Tyler. Spray on some oil. Lust should be all hot and sweaty.

Sadie: Lissa, when are you going to tell your mom that your dad is a big gay gay?

Lissa: That was a one-time thing, Sadie. I think he was just confused.

Sadie: Can't be easy to come out to a judgmental slore like your mom.

Lissa: My mom's not judgmental. She just knows right from wrong.

Sadie: She's punishing you for having feelings for Tyler when there's nothing wrong with it… And I thought my family was fuck up.

Career fair

Natalie: As a woman, it can be difficult being in an all-boys club. But in the end, hard work is what will bring you success, not your gender.

Jake: I got to go.

Matty: Where are you going?

Natalie: Jake? What are you doing here? You stalking me?

Jake: No, I, um... I have a booth.

Natalie: Really? Where?

Jake: Um...

Valerie: I just wanted to say wow, what a wonderful speech. And as a fellow feminist in the struggle, I applaud you for being such a bad-ass. And you, Mr. Rosati, I'll be seeing in detention later. Pantsing a freshman in gym class? Very original.

Jake: Uh... I know you must be really confused right now, but I can explain. I...

Natalie: We can't talk here. Meet me at my car in an hour.

Matty: Was that your new year's MILF?

Jake: Oh, yeah.

Matty: I think you're the one with a little crush.

Kevin’s stand

Lacey: Jenna, that author, Samantha Perry, is here. She went to PHHs and SCU. Aren't you a fan of hers?

Jenna: Yes. Dad, please spare me.

Kevin: I can spare me. Let's go.

Samantha Perry’s stand

Tamara: Sign me up for the next season of The Bad Girls Club, 'cause I just did three things on my chit it list at once. Cut class, check. Break dress code, check. And smoke an e-cig in the sanctuary, hell, yeah, check. Oh. Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton. So, Jenna, is SCU still being a distant diva?

Lacey: Hey. My daughter Jenna, two NS, loves your work. She wants to be a writer just like you when she grows up.

Jenna: Mom, stop.

Samantha Perry: Aw, that's great.

Kevin: She's planning on studying creative writing at SCU.

Lacey: Yeah!

Samantha Perry: Oh, wow. They have an incredible program. They whipped my butt into shape.

Lacey: Oh.

Jenna: Mom, stop.

Lacey: "Dear, Jenna, congrats on SCU."

Kevin: Isn't that sweet?

Jenna: I didn't get in, okay? I didn't get in to SCU.

Valerie: Oh, no, your friend and now you too? Oh, bummer.


Lacey: Why didn't you tell us about SCU?

Jenna: Uh, that's why. That's why I didn't tell you. Because the look Dad's giving me.

Kevin: What look?

Jenna: The look of utter disappointment.

Tamara: Jenna, I'm so sorry. I can't believe you didn't get in.

Jenna: Me either. You puked on someone's desk and you made the cut. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

Tamara: Slow your roll, cowgirl. I worked my type-a ass off for four years. You just got your chit together four months ago.

Jenna: Sorry, I couldn't tell if it was the four years of hard work or the BS doctor notes you sent in.

Tamara: Okay, I'm going to go before you say something else you'll regret. Call me when you calm down.

Outside “Welcome to Hell”

Tyler: You need to calm down.

Lissa: I can't, Tyler! Sadie's right. Everyone in my family is a giant liar.

Lesley Miller: Children, where are you? A new crop of sinners have arrived.

“Welcome to Hell”

Lissa: Sorry. Tyler and I had to... Go potty.

Lesley Miller: That's it. If you won't listen to your parents, you're going to a Christian boarding school, where you will listen to God.

Lissa: I'm sorry if my relationship with Tyler upsets you guys. But I'd rather go to boarding school than not be open about the person I love. A life where you can't be honest about who you are is like living in a stupid hell tent of your own making.

Joe Miller: Lovebun, there's something I've got to tell you.

Lesley Miller: What is it, Joe?

Joe Miller: Well... Wow, this is a lot harder than I thought.

Lesley Miller: For the love of Christ, just say it, darling.

Joe Miller: Satan has made me afflicted with a very powerful attraction to men. But don't worry. Because I have decided to attend a Christian retreat where they can cure homosexuality. Because I'll do whatever it takes to keep this family together. Even if it means spending hours of repentance with other wayward men.

Kyle: Shh, shh, shh, shh. Hey, I'll be a missionary… It'll be fun.

High School

Samantha Perry: Hey.

Jenna: Hey.

Samantha Perry: Can I sit down?

Jenna: Sure.

Samantha Perry: I know you're bummed you didn't get into SCU. But here's the silver lining: All the pain you're feeling will fuel your writing.

Jenna: But how much pain is a writer supposed to take? I mean, I'm not even out of high school yet, and I already feel like I've had my fill.

Samantha Perry: A lot. Being a professional writer is a freaking nightmare. It's filled with never-ending rejection. Only an insane person would pursue it. But guess what? I didn't have a choice. Telling stories is the only way I know how to make sense of the world around me… Don't you feel the same way?

Jenna: Yeah, I guess I do.

Samantha Perry: Then you're going to be fine. I'm not worried about you, Jenna.

Jenna: Thank you.

Natalie’s car

Natalie: Listen, Jake, if I had known you were in high school, I never would have kissed you.

Jake: I'm sorry for not telling you. It's just you're so hot. I-I got caught up in the moment.

Natalie: You're a good-looking young man. I just can't believe you're so young.

Jake: I'm not that young. I'm 18. But I get it, and I'll see you around.

Natalie: Wait, you're 18?

Jake: Yeah.

Natalie: Oh, thank God.

Jake: Oh, that means we can't get in trouble, right?

Natalie: Legally we're fine. Morally... Eh.

Jake: What? Come on.

Natalie: Oh, screw it.

Matty’s car

Jenna: Thanks for the ride home.

Matty: Yeah, no worries… Are you okay? You seem a little bummed.

Jenna: Yeah, I guess I've just been a little down on myself lately.

Matty: Yeah, me too. In fact, I was going to ask you something. Why did you go out with me?

Jenna: Don't play dumb.

Matty: I'm not.

Jenna: You know why. Because you're Matty McKibben.

Matty: Thanks, but apparently that's not good enough for Gabby.

Jenna: You mean Intimidation Nation Gabby?

Matty: Okay, is there like a club where you guys meet and name everything?

Jenna: I thought you weren't doing relationships this year.

Matty: Who said relationships? I can barely get the girl to talk to me. I mean, what the fuck? I mean, did I peak junior year or something?

Jenna: Matty, I didn't get into SCU.

Matty: Aw, I'm sorry. I think they get their answers out so early because they just toss a coin. Come on, you haven't even heard from the best schools yet. And you know what? I really think you dodged a bullet.

Jenna: Why?

Matty: Dude, have you seen their school mascot? It's a fricking moth. How embarrassing is that?

Jenna: Well, thanks. Do you want to come in?

Matty: I can't. I will be at home trying to figure out how to get my swag back.

Jenna: Okay. Well, I'll talk to you later.

Matty: Bye.


Jenna: With no plans of platonic Matty distraction, it was time to move on and push eject on this day of rejection.

Hamilton’s house: kitchen

Kevin: Yes, her name is Jenna with two NS. I'd like to talk to the director of admissions, please.

Lacey: You made a big mistake, buddy. Big.

Jenna: Mom, Dad, put the phone down now.

Kevin: Look, we're sorry, honey. We didn't mean to embarrass you. We just wanted to know why you didn't get in.

Lacey: I wish I could send that admissions board a big steaming pile of chit!

Jenna: You guys, it's okay. It's not SCU's fault, it's mine. Let's be honest, my junior year grades were not great, and I didn't have any extracurricular activities until this year… I understand their decision. So thank you, Dad, for driving me up to campus and showing me around and, Mom, for being there and supporting me… Now, let's just forget it, okay?

Lacey: Wow, I'm so proud of you. You're handling this rejection very well.

Jenna: Well, if I'm going to be a writer, I better get used to it.

Jenna: It was then that I realized rejection is easier to accept when you're honest with yourself about the reasons why. And I knew someone who really deserved some clarity.

Owen’s bedroom

Jenna: Listen, I'm sorry to be such a stalker and show up at your house like this, but I tried to talk to you at school...

Owen: Jenna, it's... It's okay. What's up?

Jenna: I'm sorry about what happened earlier. I had a really bad day and I took it out on you, and you didn't deserve that.

Owen: What happened?

Jenna: I didn't get into SCU.

Owen: Oh, man, I-I'm sorry.

Jenna: It's fine. I have accepted it and I'm moving on.

Owen: Good. You can't let some dumb people on a college acceptance board have, like, total power over your feelings.

Jenna: It's hard not to.

Owen: Jenna, I've been told "no" more times than I can count. Like, pretty recently. So, yeah, you know, it sucks for a minute, but then, I don't know, I get a feeling that it'll all work out… And I'm not just gonna stop going after the things I want. So you shouldn't either, okay?

Jenna: I won't. I promise.

Owen: Okay.

Jenna: Whoa. Who knew Owen was this confident? It felt so good to have him believe in me. It felt... So good. Wow, really good.

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