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#413 : Bonne année

Le Jour de l'An approche et Jenna veut le célébrer tranquillement mais tout ne se passe pas comme prévu.


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Auld Lang Party

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Bonne année

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Hamilton’s house: kitchen

Jenna: New Year's Eve... A night for saying good-bye to the old and hello to the new. "The old" being psycho Eva who almost destroyed my friendship with Matty while sabotaging my relationship with Luke. Yet, it was high time to Usher in the new with a quiet night at home. Just me, Matty, and a bottle of cheap champagne.

Lacey: Are you having some romantic rendezvous I don't know about? I thought it was just you and Matty.

Jenna: It is.

Lacey: Oh.

Jenna: It's not like that. We're just friends. Matty asked to come over tonight and I thought I'd make it special since this is our last New Year's Eve together.

Lacey: Wait, if it's just you and Matty, what are you gonna do at midnight? Are you gonna kiss?

Jenna: No. That's not what this is about.

Lacey: All I'm saying is you're both single and on the rebound. He may have a different idea of what's gonna happen… Your father keeps drunk-dialing me. He should've just gone to Ally's party with me instead of bro-ing out at some stupid football game… Hi, hon… I know I'm hotter than those cheerleaders!

Jenna: Would Matty really expect a kiss at midnight? Is that why he invited himself over? I highly doubted it, but when it came to Matty, I'd been wrong before.

Hamilton’s house: kitchen / Tamara’s house: bedroom

Jenna: Happy new year.

Tamara: "Happy"? Happy? How am I supposed to have a happy new year when you've abandoned me like a baby in a dumpster outside of prom?

Jenna: I'm sorry. Matty wanted a quiet night in. I don't think he's ready to deal with people asking him about Eva.

Tamara: Maybe he can choose another night to play J.D. Salinger? One that won't make my New Year's Auld Lang suck.

Jenna: It's not just him. I thought I'd be spending tonight with Luke… Just not up to partying right now.

Tamara: What am I supposed to do, roll solo to Yogurtland?

Jenna: Okay, hey, I gotta go. Matty's here, but happy new year, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Hamilton’s house: living room

Matty & Jake: Hey!

Jake: Happy new year!

Matty: Are we early? Were you guys having dinner?

Jenna: Nope. Tamara's on her way. And the table is for my parents.

Lacey: Hi, Matty. Do you like the table Jenna set up for you two? She spent all day cooking.


Jenna: My solo night with Matty had turned into a group affair. So much for any chance of a midnight kiss, but it was nice to have my closest friends back together, drama-free.

Tamara: "I resolve to shave." This is obviously for Jake to get rid of his 2:00 shadow.

Jake: Nope, I wrote that one for you to shave your legs.

Tamara: Fun resolution game, Jenna. Thanks for inviting me to your exclusive party at the very last minute.

Jenna: You're welcome. Matty, your turn.

Matty: "I resolve to stop dating psychos who fake their pregnancy."

Jenna: You guys, who wrote that? Not cool.

Matty: Everyone, relax. I wrote it for myself. It's a joke.

Jenna: You sure you're okay?

Matty: Yeah. We can joke about things. Please, it makes me feel normal.

Jenna: "Normal." What a wonderful word. And Matty and I were on the path back to normalcy. But what was normal for us? Friends? Or something more?

Sadie’s house: living room

Ally: Pass these.

Lissa: Hi, Ty Ty.

Sadie: What are you doing? That's Lissa's fake brother, not a waiter.

Ally: Oh, my bad.

Sadie: And that's my friend, Sergio, you racist. No one here is the help.

Ally: Uh, yeah. You are. Why do you think I told you and Blondie to wear black and white and invite your friends? Ooh. That must be my Pi Phi Delts. Hold on to your bras, bitches.

Sadie’s house: door

Ally: What up, sluts?

Friend: Happy new year!

Ally: Hi. Hi.

Sadie’s house: living room

Friend: Oh, could you hold Bronson? Oh, I'm so sorry. ¿Hablas inglés?

Sadie: Ally wants a party? I'll give her a party. This thing is going wide. "Come to 16 Las Ricas place for the biggest New Year's Eve bash ever. Tell all your friends."

Hamilton’s house: living room

Tamara: Sadie's having a party at her aunt's house. We should go, not that this isn't fun.

Jenna: My mom's there. Who would want to go to that?

Jake: Uh, a lot of people.

Matty: Let's go.

Jenna: I thought you wanted to have a quiet night.

Jake: Oh, that's why this is so lame.

Matty: No, this has been great, but Sadie's could be fun too.

Jenna: I just thought that maybe you'd want to talk or...

Tamara: Enough. Are you guys playing for gold in the Olympic Lames? Jenna, Matty, stop moping. Move on. Fuck it!

Jake: Yeah. What she said. Fuck it.

Tamara: You know what? We should make a fuck it list. Everything we thought we couldn't do, 'cause we were too sad or too scared, we should just carpe do it! Y.O.G.O... You only graduate once. So skip class and hook up with a rando, and go to Sadie's rager.

Matty: Hell yeah.

Jenna: Whoo. Only problem is I don't want to hook up with a rando.

Matty: Yeah, me either. Hey, I have a resolution for us. Eh, it's more of a pact.

Jenna: Okay.

Matty: Neither of us hooks up. If we see the other flirting, then we swoop in and stop it like a...

Jenna: Reverse wingman.

Jake: So can we go?

Jenna: Why did Matty make the no-hook-up pact? Was it for fun or did he want to make sure we were together at midnight? Maybe there really was a kiss in our future.

Jenna: All right. Let's go.

Sadie’s house: living room

Lacey: Why did Ally invite Barbara McKibben? She hates me.

Valerie: She invited the entire P.T.A. Odds are she was drunk at the time.


Jo: Mmm.

Lissa: Kamikaze, daddy? Mommy?

Jo: Mmm. Thanks, honey.

Lesley: You know I don't drink hard alcohol, Missy.

Lissa: But there's that bottle of vodka in the laundry hamper.

Lesley: It's tough on stains. Tyler, I'll take whatever you have.

Tyler: Thank you.

Jo: Mmm. Mmm.


Lissa: Shot?

Friends: Oh, no, thanks. I'm on a cleanse.

Ally: Oh, for God's sake. I have an 18-year unbroken streak of throwing kick-ass parties. It does not end tonight! Time to put some spice on this ice.


Matty: Ice luge! Sadie texted me saying there is an ice luge!

Tamara: I am so excited. I hope that dumb yum wrestler Pete is here. He's number one on my fuck it list. I need to finish what I started in Snow Valley and tap him out.

Sadie’s house: living room

Jake: Holla, party people! Who's ready to get this new year's jam on? Oh.

Matty: Nice one.

Lacey: Hey, guys. I am so happy you are here. This party is so lame. And Jenna's father abandoned me to go to some stupid Splenda Bowl.

Matty & Jake: Sugar.

Lacey: Whatever. Which leaves me here with Val who I love, but... You know?

Barbara: Hi, Matty. Tamela, Jake, Jenna.

Matty: Mom, what are you doing here?

Barbara: Ally invited me. I don't know why I'm here. I don't know anyone.

Matty: Well, I do.

Jenna: Looks like Matty needed less of a cock block and more of an emotional rock. He and his mom were clearly still not on good terms.

Tamara: It's a new year's miracle!

Sadie: Welcome, everybody! Happy new year!

Ally: What did you do?

Sadie: I invited the entire school... District. Your geriatric snore-fest just turned into a high school rager.

Ally: Thank you.

Jenna: So much for a night of getting closer to Matty. Sadie's party was already epic and overwhelming. I didn't recognize half the people there and hadn't seen Matty for an hour. The way things were going, we'd never be together at midnight.

Tamara: There's Pete. I'm going in. But first, some liquid courage.

Matty: Hey. Excuse me.

Jenna: Whew.

Matty: That was a close call. Better let me get it for you.

Stripper: Can I see some I.D., son?

Matty: Uh, I-I, uh...

Stripper: Don't have one? Looks like I'm gonna have to cuff you.

Ally: Officer, I've been bad. Cuff me.

Matty: That fake-out was pretty good, but I knew you hired a stripper. I totally knew that. I'm gonna need a drink.

Stripper: I'm taking all you fine ladies down... Town.

Ally: Whoo! Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Jenna: Never had cock-blocking been so literal. How was hanging with Matty so hard? Wrong word. Difficult.

Sadie’s house: kitchen

Guy: Hey, do you guys know whose party this is? I just heard it's like a former rich bitch whose mom just, like, bailed on her and now she has to live at home with her drunk aunt.

Sergio: So dark. You know what's dark? The dungeon where I keep rude people who run their mouth. You want to see it?

Sadie: I don't need you to defend me.

Sadie’s house: living room

Jake: Yowzer. There's a cougar is on the prowl.

Natalie: I'm Natalie. Oh, do you guys go to SCU?

Jake: Uh, what do you think?

Natalie: College was such a great time.

Jake: It's great.

Matty: Yeah.

Natalie: So what's your major?

Jenna: He's in beauty school. He's totally changed my approach to eye shadow.

Matty: She thought she was an autumn.

Jenna: Can you believe that?

Jake: I can't believe whatever it is you're doing.

Matty: Hey, Jake. Play us a song.

Jake: Oh.

Natalie: Oh, are you a singer?

Jake: I am whatever you want me to be… Girl.

Natalie: I know someone else who would love the sound of your voice. Come upstairs.

Jake: Upstairs?

Matty: Threesome.

Sadie’s house: Upstairs

Natalie: That's Madison. Do you know any lullabies?

Jake: Oh. Um...

Sadie’s house: living room

Jenna: How do you even know what an "autumn" is?

Matty: Cosmo.

Jenna: Cock-blocking Matty was kind of fun. This wasn't how I thought we'd reconnect, but hey, when in Rome or Ally's.

Boy: Hey, what's your name?

Jenna: Oh, um, I'm...

Matty: Oh, so sorry to interrupt, Jenna, but you've got this huge bat in the cave. She's getting over a nasty cold, man… Hey, dude, this keg is kicked!

Boy: I'll see you later.

Jenna: Matty wasn't getting away that easy. Wait, Matty was getting away.

Owen: Hey, I'm Owen.

Jenna: Nice to meet you, Owen.

Lacey: Isn't this the best party ever?

Jenna: Yeah, it's full of kids. Don't you feel a little out of place?

Lacey: Honey, just relax. Have fun. I'm gonna get a wine cooler. Do you want anything? Happy new year!

Matty: Looks like your mom's having fun.

Jenna: Yeah, it's embarrassing.

Matty: Hey, at least your mom knows how to have fun.

Jenna: Have you talked to her about anything?

Matty: I don't know how to talk to her.

Jenna: Remember when my mom wrote me the carefrontation letter?

Matty: Yeah, that was brutal.

Jenna: Beyond. And I thought I would never forgive her, but I'm glad I did… I realized that adults are just people, making it up as they go along. You should talk to her.

Matty: Yeah, maybe I'll try.


Lissa: We need to find someplace private.

Tyler: Anywhere. I need to kiss you.

Sadie’s house: bedroom

Lissa: Aah! Oh, my God! Daddy, what's going on?

Jo: Lissa! This man told me he was a police officer! I swear.

Lissa: You mean he made you lick his tummy?

Sadie’s house: living room

Lesley: What is going on here? Lissa?

Lissa: I saw daddy... I saw a daddy longlegs.

Lesley: Oh. Well, kill it. They're opening a '95 Moet in the living room. Come, Tyler.

Jo: I'd love some bubbly. Let's go.

Sadie: Okay, what were you really screaming at?

Lissa: I think my dad might be gay.

Sadie: Okay. He is so gay. His obsession with spin class, shoes, and Jesus' abs tips it off. Relax. It's a good thing. Now he can finally come out, instead of hiding in that closet full of yellow pants. You should tell your mom.

Lissa: I can't! That would kill her. Is it even my secret to tell? Jesus does have great abs.


Pete: You've got great moves, Tamara.

Tamara: You don't know the half of it.

Sadie’s house: Upstairs

Natalie: You're amazing. It usually takes forever for her to fall asleep.

Jake: I'm happy to help. She's really cute.

Natalie: You're really cute.

Sadie’s house: bedroom

Sergio: Who do you have there?

Sadie: She was my horse.

Sergio: "Was" your horse? Did she quit?

Sadie: No, I had her when I was rich, before my dad went to prison and my mom abandoned me.

Sergio: I'm sorry, Sadita.

Sadie: Don't feel bad for me.

Sergio: I'll do what I want to, bitch.

Sadie: Pussy.

Sadie’s house: living room

Jenna: Where's Jake? It's almost midnight. I wanted us all to be together.

Matty: I definitely don't want to interrupt him right now.

Jenna: So where's Tamara? Ah, okay. She's out.

Matty: Just you and me. Let's find some fancy booze for our midnight toast.

Jenna: Perfect.

Jenna: So it would be just me and Matty at midnight, a new year starting off with a lot of promise.

Jenna: Oh. Looks like your mom's having a great time... With my mom. Oh, God. They're coming towards us.

Barbara: What up, kids?

Lacey: Hi, guys!

Matty: What up... Moms?

Jenna: Are you guys having fun?

Barbara: Yeah, you know what? It turns out Lacey and I have a lot more in common than we thought. We're gonna start a book and wine club.

Lacey: Or maybe just wine.

Barbara: Right, maybe just wine.

Jenna: I had never seen Matty's mom like this. She seemed human.

Lacey: Oh, no. What are you doing? I want to hang with my new bestie, Barb.

Jenna: You have to let them talk.

Valarie: New bestie? What? Oh, come on.

Jenna: Better go do damage control.

Lacey: Val, I didn't mean it! I didn't!

Jenna: Looked like Matty and I had a lot to celebrate. I needed to find something nice for our midnight toast. I wanted it to be perfect.


Lesley: Tyler, I feel like I've barely seen you all night.

Lissa: I've been showing him around the house.

Lesley: Aren't we an attentive little hostess? But let's not monopolize him, okay?

Jo: Your mother's right, Lissa. You need to share.

Lissa: You're right, daddy, we should all share. Do you have anything you want to share? Please?

Jo: No.

Lissa: Well, then, I do… I don't think it's healthy to live a lie. So I want to share that... That... I'm in love with my brother!

Sadie: Not what I was expecting you to say, but impressive nonetheless.

Sergio: Word.

Lissa: Ah, I feel so much better now. Daddy, do you have anything you would like to say?

Jo: Yes, I do. I'm so glad you confessed your sins, Lissa. God forgives.

Lesley: Well, he might, but only after buckets of atonement. Lust within the bosom of the family is a vile sin!

Lissa: There was no bosom. It was over the shirt.

Sadie’s house: music place

Jenna: Is that Green Day?

Owen: Oh, hey.

Jenna: Owen, right?

Owen: Yeah. Hi, Jenna.

Jenna: Sorry to interrupt. It just sounded like you were playing Basket Case. And that was, like, my favourite song as a kid.

Owen: Well, technically you're right. But I prefer the classical version. Pachelbel's Canon in "D."

Jenna: Wow.

Owen: Well, nothing says punk rock like ripping off a dead 17th century composer, so...

Jenna: Oh, is that that Robin Thicke one, When I Get You Alone?

Owen: Slightly more obvious, better known as Beethoven's Fifth.

Jenna: That is so cool.

Owen: Yep. You were a classical music fan, and you didn't even know it.

Jenna: Hey, I'm sorry I was so rude earlier. I was looking for someone.

Owen: Oh, no worries.

Jenna: Well, it was nice to see you, and I better go.

Owen: Look for someone. Got it.

Jenna: Bye.

Sadie’s house: living room

Barbara: Ooh.

Matty: Mom, I'm sorry I've given you so much [bleep] these past few months.

Barbara: Matty, watch your language. You've put me through the [bleep] wringer.

Matty: Mom.

Barbara: Don't tell your father. But after a few Pinot Grigios, I turn into Chris Rock… I'm the one who should be sorry. I really... I could've handled things so much better. I'm not exactly a perfect mother.

Matty: Well, I'm not exactly the perfect son.

Barbara: Thanks.


Jenna: Midnight was approaching, and no sign of Matty. He said he wanted to be together, but where was he?

Jenna: Hey. Have you guys seen Matty?

Tamara: No.

Pete: I did. He took off with some older chick.

Jenna: His mom?

Tamara: I think his mom's with your mom. Hello, hell frozen over. Anyone have a fire Popsicle?

Pete: It was some hot cougar chick who was totally hammered and so ready to throw down.

Tamara: Pete, focus.

Jenna: Not only did Matty not care about being together at midnight, but he clearly wasn't really worried about our no-hook-up pact either. All I knew was I didn't want to start a new year feeling rejected by him. Been there, done that. And the new year is supposed to be... New.

Sadie’s house: music place

Jenna: Do you take requests?

Sadie’s house: living room

Matty: Have you guys seen Jenna?

Pete: Mm.

Valerie: Ten seconds to midnight!

All: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! Happy new year!

High school: cafeteria

Jenna: In the light of day, the new year looked promising. Matty and I had both failed at our no-hook-up pact, but not at renewing our friendship. Owen and I hadn't exchanged numbers or even last names. He was the perfect midnight kiss... No complications. And we only went to second base, so as far as I was concerned, I had a very clean slate.

Tamara: Oh, look who came up for air. My face is actually sore from making out with Pete. He is crossed off my "[bleep] it" list.

Matty: Gross. I'm glad my midnight kiss wasn't like that.

Tamara: You broke the no-hook-up pact?

Matty: Well, if you call kissing my mom on the cheek breaking the pact. Which I wouldn't, because it's gross.

Jake: Yeah, I wouldn't want to be kissing any old moms.

Jenna: Wait, your mom?

Matty: Yeah, I talked to her. It was really good.

Jenna: Good.

Tamara: Where were you at midnight, Jenna?

Matty: Yeah, I was looking for you.

Jenna: Uh... Does that guy go to our school?

Tamara: Owen? Sophomore in orchestra. Who cares? Where were you at midnight? Oh, my God, did you break the pact?

Jenna: My clean slate had suddenly become a bit dirty. Not only did I break the no-hook-up pact, but I did it with a sophomore.

Jenna: No, I was with my mom also… Outside. She was puking.

Matty: Mm. Wow. Looks like we did it. Although you owe me a midnight kiss.

Jenna: Make that a very dirty slate.

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