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#411 : Mensonges d'hiver, deuxième partie

Sadie révèle à Jenna sur les secrets sur Eva et les deux font équipe pour le dire à Matty. La vérité sur Eva est révélée mais Eva prétend être enceinte et Matty refuse de la quitter. Jenna tente de faire amende honorable avec Luke.


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Snow Job, Part 2

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Mensonges d'hiver, deuxième partie

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Jenna: It was a miserable night. I couldn't even cry myself to sleep. I was mad at mad at myself, mad at Matty, mad at Eva, but most of all, heartbroken about Luke. I had to find a way to fix things between us.

Luke: Hey, it's me. Leave a message.

Jenna: Luke? Luke, is that you? Gloria?

Sadie: Stop screaming and hide your nasty junk yard, Hamiltrash. We've got work to do.


Sadie: So, air quotes "Eva," her real name is Amber, lives with her senile grandma in San Pedro. All her New York this, Dalton that, Le Rosey this-- imaginary.

Jenna: And she really stabbed a kid?

Sadie: In the face when she was nine.

Jenna: This girl is a freak.

Sadie: Wow, what an astute observation.

Jenna: Okay, you can dial back the bitchery if you want my help.

Sadie: But that's how I express my genuine disgust for you. It's authentic.

Jenna: What was that?

Sadie: Oh, bonus. There's a storm coming in. Snow, high winds, so bundle it up, Hamiltoe, and let's get moving.


Sadie: I still can't believe that Amber got me booted off this trip.

Jenna: Okay, well, try to keep it under wraps so no one sees you, okay? Hey, Theo. Theo.

Theo: Little late for the key party, Jenna.

Jenna: Have you seen Matty or Eva?

Theo: Uh, yeah. I was getting an amateur blowie out in the trees, totally bored, and I saw them lugging their crap up the road.

Jenna: Which way?

Theo: I don't know. Up?

Cole: Theo, get ready for some pow-pow!

Theo: Wait, for real?

Cole: Look outside. There's a storm coming in.

Jenna: Oh, hey, Cole, have you seen Matty and Eva?

Cole: No, why are you creeping on them?

Jenna: I'm not, I'm just-- Have you guys noticed anything off about Eva?

Theo: Not really.

Cole: Just your basic compulsive liar psycho bitch.

Jenna: What? You knew about that? Why didn't you tell anyone?

Theo: Why would we? She's genius.

Cole: Wind her up and watch that shit stir.

Theo: Give that mess a reality show, stat.


Lacey: Maybe we could talk Jenna and Luke into ice skating with us.

Kevin: Yeah, Lace, just what she's dreaming of, a double date with us. I'm catching some freshies.

Lacey: Ugh, fine. I guess I'll catch freshies with you.

Kevin: Are you still afraid of the lift?

Lacey: Are you still afraid of me ripping your balls off, because you should be.


Theo: Good morning, Lissa. How did you like the key party?

Cole: Did you like your room? Were there any flowers in the attic?

Lissa: Nothing happened. We're brother and sister.

Cole: That's good, because the eyes of God are upon you.

Tyler: Don't let them get to you, Lissa.

Cole: Hey, guys, what'd the key party unlock for you?

Gloria: Nice try sending me five guys. I'm saving my energy for the slopes. Well, I sent the other four packing, and all this one got was a handie.

Valerie: A storm is headed our way.

Theo: Forecast says it's an epic powder day.

Valerie: I don't rely on technology. I have intuition, a gift. Some call it "The Shining."

Cole: You can shine on whatever you want as long as we get our pow-pow.

Theo: Hey, kids.

Cole: Heard some NC-17 noise coming from your room last night.

Tamara: That was me wiping the floor with Jake's ass.

Jake: Whoa! You did not wipe my ass; I'm creamed yours.

Tamara: I cannot believe you made me play for six hours straight.

Jake: You wouldn't stop.

Tamara: It's addictive. But morally, I object to violence in video games, especially when I lose.

Theo: Wait, gaming? That's what you guys got up to?

Tamara: Duh, endlessly repeating. OMG, what did you guys expect?

Cole: Desperate grappling and soggy sheets.

Jake: Sorry to disappoint you guys.

Tamara: I am so not.

Jake: I got to get out for this powder day. Have you seen Matty?


Sadie: Where the hell is he? We can't rent a car. It's snowy and windy, and I am stuck here with you. This is starting to feel really desperate and hopeless. Is that comforting for you, since it's so familiar?

Jenna: You mean like how you feel soaking in your toxic stew of self-loathing and spite and bitterness?

Sadie: Aww, you're trying to keep up with me. Precious, but stop.

Jenna: No, you stop. I am not in the mood. Luke bailed on me this morning.

Sadie: Gee, boo hoo. Eva sabotaged my relationship with Austin also.

Jenna: She did? How?

Sadie: Not so into oversharing. If they got on a shuttle, they could be anywhere in this shanty town.

Jenna: Good thing you took a three-hour bus ride in the middle of the night to share that astonishing insight.


Matty: Got to get out for the powder day. Earlier the better.

Eva: Oh, ever since I got caught in a white out in Zermatt, I'm not really into these conditions. The perfect day would be me and you laying by the fire.

Matty: Hmm. This place is pretty awesome.

Eva: Yeah, the Schafers are pretty cool about letting me use their places, and they're hardly ever in the States.

Matty: We should have just come here in the first place.

Eva: Well, I thought we should stay with the group, because I was trying so hard to fit in, but it seems like the more I try, the more I get ragged on.

Matty: Yeah. I know, but they--

Eva: Anyway, it's good we're here now. I have something kind of intense I need to tell you.


Sadie: It keeps going straight to his voicemail. I don't even think his phone is on.

Jenna: We're gonna die out here.

Sadie: Try calling Eva from your phone. She might answer you. You never know.


Matty: If I'm bagging, I should text Jake. Damn, my phone's dead. Can I borrow yours?

Eva: Mine is too. The weak signal up here is murder on our batteries.


Jenna: Went to voicemail.

Sadie: Did it ring first?

Jenna: Yes.

Sadie: Then it's on.

Jenna: What difference does it make? She's not answering.


Matty: Can't find my charger.

Eva: I must have left mine in the lodge. Should we go back?

Matty: No. It's fine. It's kind of nice being cut off from everyone, everything, just the two of us.

Eva: We can talk later. This is a dream come true.


Sadie: Don't be such a nightmare. I wouldn't be calling you unless I was completely desperate.

Sergio: You're very needy for such a ball buster, you know that?

Sadie: Listen, that psycho bitch is on the loose, and I need to find a missing person. Can you help me track them down through the GPS on their phone?

Sergio: That's some serious crazy, Sadita. You think I'm some James Bond dude, drinking Martinis and stuff, with a Batmobile and stuff?

Sadie: Look, I am asking you to ask your dad for another favour.

Sergio: Damn, blanquita. It's like you want to be a part of mi familia so bad.

Sadie: Don't cops do stuff like this all the time?

Sergio: Send me the number. I'll talk to my dad. But you owe me.


Tyler: You know I admire you and love you, and you are so kind, and I would love to have a sister like you.

Lissa: But you do have a sister like me.

Tyler: That's just it. You know you're not really my sister, right? Biologically or legally.

Lissa: Yes, I know, but I also know right from wrong.


Lacey: Oh, it's way too cold and windy to go out there. Let's go find Jenna and Luke.

Kevin: No, Jenna said she wants to be on her own today. We don't want to be buzzkill helicopter parents.

Valerie: My shining is really strong in this altitude, and I am sensing Jenna does not want her buzz killed. And that there is a wild animal craving some me.


Valerie: Hey, Biggie, foraging for some berries and nuts?

Biggie: And honey, honey. I'm off at 4:00. Apres ski in the base lodge bar?

Valerie: Apres, yes.


Tamara: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! This is scare-ifying! But I think I finally got it.

Jake: Okay. Now that you're strapped in, you can try moving. Let's start with falling leaf.

Tamara: No, I don't want to fall.

Jake: Then let's just hold a beat, and you can try not moving on the board.

Tamara: Sorry I'm such a spaztron. You can go do the black diamond with Matty if you want.

Jake: You haven't been that much of a spaz.

Tamara: Yeah, I have. And I don't just mean today. I mean, like, for months now, and I appreciate you putting up with it.

Jake: Well, back at you. Those weren't exactly my finest hours either. I'm glad we're still friends.

Tamara: So glad. We only have one more semester together, and I keep having these flash-forwards to the flashbacks I'll have of high school when I'm in college, and I want them to be magical moments with my PPFFs. "Perma-Posse of Friends Forever."

Jake: All right.

Tamara: Okay.

Jake: Are you ready?

Tamara: Yeah.

Jake: You sure?

Tamara: No.


Sadie: I think I see the house.

Sergio: You be careful, Sadita. I need your help on the truck. You know, the wieners like it when you hold them.

Sadie: Yeah, that's clever. Thank you, and I'll let you know how it goes.

Sergio: Let me know when you're safe, okay? You think you're this tough bitch, but I know you're a fragile little princess.

Sadie: Go fuck yourself!


Jenna: This is a really nice neighbourhood. What are they doing here?

Sadie: Well, she's a psychotic grifter. Use your imagination.

Jenna: I'm just scared.

Sadie: Don't worry. If she pulls a gun, I'll use you as my human shield, and you'll die a quick and painless death.

Jenna: Are you ever not a total bitch?

Sadie: Only to people who don't repulse me.

Jenna: Good. Go by yourself.

Sadie: Wait! Don't go.

Jenna: Why?

Sadie: Because… I would feel better if you were here.

Jenna: Well, Sadie, if that's you begging me to come with you, then I guess I have to come with you.

Sadie: That is not begging. Anyway, I have mace in my pocket in case the nut job tries anything.


Matty: What are you guys doing here?

Jenna: Blowing that bitch's cover.

Sadie: Eva's real name isn't even Eva.

Jenna: It's Amber Horn from San Pedro. She stabbed a guy in the face with a pencil.

Sadie: Excuse me, Hamilcrap, that is my intel.

Matty: Whoa, whoa, you guys, just stop it. I know you have a thing against Eva, but you need to deal.

Jenna: Do you even know who she really is?

Matty: Yeah, I do; she told me. But she is my girlfriend, and--

Sadie: And what?

Matty: And it is really none of your business.

Eva: I'm pregnant. Obviously Matty and I still have a lot we need to talk about, so do you mind leaving us alone?

Sadie: I do mind, Amber. I call bullshit on this pregnancy. Pregnant with what? You've lied about everything since the day you got to PHHS.

Eva: Matty, I can't take this.

Matty: Listen, you guys, you need to go.

Sadie: Yeah, you try getting us a cab.


Eva: So there's a lot more, Matty, that you don't know, and I'm sure they're dying to tell you, so I'd rather you hear it from me first.

Jenna: This should be interesting.

Eva: I don't live in PV. I live in San Pedro with my grandmother because my parents abandoned me when I was seven.

Matty: I'm sorry.

Jenna: Matty, you know you have to take everything she says with a major grain of salt.

Eva: I just really wanted to go to a good school and belong somewhere with people like you guys. You seem like such a tight-knit group.

Sadie: Actually, Jenna and I hate each other.

Eva: I just wanted a chance at a better life.

Sadie: Matty, can I show you pictures of Amber's bedroom?

Eva: You must be so proud of yourself, Sadie. It wasn't enough you attacked me on the bus. You take advantage of my grandmother, an old woman who's, like, the only person in my family that gives a crap about me? So you snoop through my bedroom? Good job.

Sadie: You're nuts.

Eva: I've been attacked by girls like you my whole life, and the kid I "attacked" in the fourth grade, she was with two other kids in the bathroom, holding me down, trying to dunk my head into a toilet, talking about how trash I was. So, yeah, lucky for me, there was a pencil on the floor. And there's more, Matty, and if you give me a chance, I'll explain to you anything you want to know. But there's one thing I never lied about that I would never, and those are my feelings for you. They're sacred.

Sadie: The sociopathic slag is good. Got to hand her that.


Biggie: Hoo! Crazy powder day, huh?

Valerie: Hi. Sorry, do I know you?

Biggie: Yeah, Val, it's Will. Biggie.

Valerie: Oh. Oh. Sorry, I didn't recognize you without your-- you know, your head on.

Biggie: Yeah, here I am.

Valerie: Yeah. It's a whole new Biggie, huh? Just no fur.


Lacey: Oh, God, there he is… Are you crazy? You could have died out there. Then what would I have done?

Kevin: I didn't almost die. It's just a sprain.

Lacey: Maybe you should take it down a notch, gramps.

Kevin: Yeah, thanks, Lace. Maybe I am feeling a little old. Being around all these high school kids, my little girl about to leave the house.

Lacey: Honey, don't feel old. That makes me feel old.


Biggie: Would you like another drink, or would you like to head back to my den?

Valerie: Uh, actually, Biggie, I don't know why I didn't sense this sooner. Guess my shining isn't infallible.

Biggie: Your shining?

Valerie: My extreme acuity, my sixth sense, it can sometimes be a burden. But, anyway, you seem like a nice guy. I just-- I think I was so dazzled by the costume, that I didn't even think about what you looked like without it.

Biggie: Oh, I'm not allowed to take off any part of the costume while I'm on duty. You know, because a bear body and a human head, it would just destroy the illusion.

Valerie: Of course. Of course. I think I'm just a little more attracted to the bear than the man. I don't know what that says about me. Maybe I should get a dog.

Biggie: It's cool. Your shining thing kind of creeped me out anyway.

Valerie: Well... Thanks for the walk on the wild side, though.


Jake: I can't believe Matty blew me off, and on a powder day.

Tamara: And where's Jenna? I'm starting to get a little worried.

Jake: I don't know.

Tamara: Have you seen Jenna?

Jake: We haven't from heard from her or Matty all day.

Valerie: Luckily, I have my gift of the shining. If I can just concentrate, it will guide them to me. Oh, my God, my shining is so strong, it's sucking the energy out of all the lights.


Lissa: This is a sign from God.

Tyler: Lissa, dearest, you haven't done anything wrong.

Lissa: But I've thought of doing something wrong.

Tyler: You have?

Lissa: Yes. All the time. Isn't that just as bad? Hell feels really good.


Jenna: Huh, well, this just keeps getting cozier.

Matty: I'll look for candles and flashlights.

Jenna: I'll come with you.


Jenna: You have to know that I wouldn't be here with Sadie if I wasn't really concerned about you with her.

Matty: Well, I can take care of myself.

Jenna: Would you please listen to me? I have given up a lot to be here. Luke pretty much dumped me.

Matty: She's pregnant, Jenna. You heard that part, right?

Jenna: And you believe her?

Matty: At the moment, yes. I think I have to take her word for it.

Jenna: She just admitted to being a compulsive liar. Has she even taken a test? I mean, I thought I was pregnant once.

Matty: Yeah, and you were so upfront and honest about it at the time.


Sadie: How far along are you?

Eva: Don't know yet. I only skipped one period.

Sadie: Why didn't you use protection?

Eva: I know. It's crazy. We use condoms every time. It's like the universe just wanted us to have a baby.

Sadie: Yeah, right. That's what the universe wants.


Matty: Got 'em. Look, let's not get into any more of this shit, all right? Truce?

Jenna: I just want you to be okay.

Matty: If she's really having my kid, I got to deal with it. I'm not putting my kid up for adoption.

Jenna: I know.

Matty: All right.


Owner: Who's there?

Eva: Hey, it's Eva Mansfield.

Owner: Who the hell are you?

Eva: This isn't the Schafers' place? Do you know my friends Carol and Bill?

Owner: We bought this house from them five years ago.

Eva: Oh, God, I'm so sorry. I didn't know. You had a key out right where they kept theirs.

Owner: Would you and your friends please leave before I call the police?


Jenna: The rest of that night was a blur. Somehow, Eva talked the owners of that house out of calling the police. Somehow, Matty's faith in Eva seemed unwavering, and somehow, I made it back to the lodge and my bed. It was a very far cry from the romantic night with Luke I'd been planning. The storm had passed, but that didn't mean the air was clear.

Valerie: Sadie, what are you doing here?

Sadie: I've been here the whole time.

Valerie: Really? Wow, that's spooky. My shining is telling me we need to get the hell off this mountain.


Lacey: Our last senior ski trip.

Jenna: Well, we all have to grow up some time.

Kevin: Thanks, Jenna.

Lissa: It was so scary last night. I kept wishing I had someone to hold me, because I was all alone, by myself, alone.


Jenna: I didn't know why Eva's getting busted as a house crasher didn't send Matty running. Either he still actually believed in her, or he was just trying to do the right thing, which was very Matty and kind of heartbreaking to watch.

Matty: You know, maybe you should take another test to be sure. There can be false positives.

Eva: Okay. Yeah, I know.

Matty: I just want to be sure.

Eva: Of course. And I want you to be sure.

Jenna: I really couldn't tell what he was thinking, which was unsettling. But seeing Matty take control of his situation made me realize I had to find a way to take control of mine.

Jenna: Luke?

Luke: Hey.

Jenna: Hey. I'm so sorry. I really screwed up. I just got caught up in all that Eva mess, and she's really bad news, but I know that's no excuse. You dropped everything, blew off work and school and--

Luke: Jenna, I get it. I really do. You're in high school. Everything's spinning out of control, and you're just trying to cope, and, the truth is, you still have a lot of growing up to do. And I think, for now, you should probably just go do that.

Jenna: What? Luke, no, no, no. It's--

Luke: You're a great girl, Jenna. I don't know, maybe some day. But I just think our timing's wrong.


Sadie: You look like hell.

Jenna: Yeah. Luke just broke up with me.

Sadie: I'm sorry… The psycho skitch is in the bathroom, taking the test right now. It ends here, people. There is no way she is pregnant.

Matty: Sadie.

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