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#410 : Mensonges d'hiver, première partie

Les Seniors font leur voyage de ski annuel. Eva continue de s'opposer à Jenna. Au chalet, Luke suprend Jenna et elle doit jongler entre ses sentiments pour Luke et Matty. Sadie, virée du voyage, découvre avec Sergio, qu'Eva est en fait Amber Horner, une menteuse compulsive et violente et tente de prévenir Matty.


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Snow Job, Part 1

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Mensonges d'hiver, première partie

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Jenna: The senior ski trip was legendary-- legendary for being less about hitting the slopes than just hitting it. The only thing I was gonna be hitting was my ass on the snow. My boyfriend was stuck in his dorm studying, and I could barely ski. Did I really need to be here to watch a bunch of ski bunnies hump like bunnies?

Kevin: Hey, Jenna. Do you want to sit by us?


Tamara: Fair warning, big ass bus plus windy roads gives me major motion malfunction. You may see winter chunderland before winter wonderland.

Jenna: Lovely.

Valerie: Palos Hill seniors. We are about to embark on a journey that will rock your world and blow your mind… Especially because I came up with a novel social experiment to tear your walls down, to get real. Hashtag realness. To get you ready for college with open minds, open hearts, and open souls.

Theo: What about open orifices?

Valerie: Now, because colleges assign the roommates randomly, I have decided to override all of your rooming requests and assign your roomies randomly. Everyone needs to break out of their cliques. Cliquishness leads to bullying, and you know how I feel about bullying. I have zero tolerance. You keep interrupting me, mouth breather, and I will make your life a living hell… Scoot over.

Tamara: Who'd you get?

Jenna: Gloria?

Tamara: Oh, my God, Whoria Gloria, the hookup queen? Housekeeping will need to change her sheets every ten seconds.

Jenna: Let's not be judgy.

Gloria: Thank you. Do you know what it's like being pegged in this school? It's a snake pit.

Jenna: I was the suicide girl. I know.

Gloria: Anyway, I'll hardly ever be in the room. Cold weather makes me horny as fuck.

Tamara: Look at that desperate deviant. How can she even look you in the eye after leaving her skivvies in your sheets? Wow. Look at you, museum of tolerant.

Jenna: Well, people do desperate things when they're in love.

Tamara: Oh, please.

Jenna: Says the girl who stayed up for 96 hours catfishing her boyfriend with a bad Australian accent.

Tamara: Judgy-wudgy was a bore.

Jenna: Eva's his problem now.

Tamara: Cute that you think that, but I'd keep my eyes open. She's really threatened by you.

Jenna: Well, I'm not threatened by her.

Tamara: Ugh. Jake is all over Lissa, which is just horny desperate, the Hail Mary pass at the vestal virgin.

Jenna: And that's Jake's problem. Why are we spending so much time worrying about other people's problems when we can focus on our senior ski trip?

Tamara: Okay, this whole reasonable thing you're doing? So boring.

Sadie: Matty, can you get rid of the barnacle for a second so we can talk skiing?

Matty: Sadie.

Eva: It's fine, Matty; she needs some time with you. I understand.

Sadie: Okay, let's talk black diamonds.

Matty: Sadie, Eva and I are on this trip as a couple, and she's starting to pick up on your hostility.

Sadie: Oh, good.

Matty: And, to be honest, she's worried about you. That you-- you might have feelings for me.

Sadie: Okay, you can't be serious.

Matty: She told me about your conversation.

Sadie: What conversation? I don't talk to that freak.

Matty: Our kiss. How hurt you were that I didn't think it meant anything. But I just want you to know how much I love you, okay? As friends. It's better that we lay all our cards out on the table and communicate our feelings.

Sadie: You are so right, Matty. And now I'm going to communicate mine.

Valerie: No, no, no! No violence! No violence. Zero tolerance.

Sadie: Eva started it.

Eva: She's right. I don't know what I did, but I'm sure I deserve it.

Valerie: No, no, no, sweetheart. You mustn't blame yourself. Everyone, this is a teachable moment. The victim, the abusee, is blaming herself for the abuser's hatred and violence. Well, guess what? Not on my watch.


Tamara: I've decided to carpe all over this diem. This is our one and only senior ski trip. If that means I take a walk on the slutty side, I'm in.

Jake: You know, your hair looks great lately. It really-- it shines.

Lissa: Thanks. I've been using argan oil. It gives me volume too.

Tamara: I am not spending this ski trip solo.

Jenna: Not everyone's gonna be hooking up, T. We can ski together.

Tamara: The only slopes that need riding are mine.


Jenna: Hey. You guys super psyched for our senior ski trip?

Theo: This air is oppressive.

Cole: So clean. How are we supposed to breathe air without toxins in it?

Theo: Dude, check out Groper.

Cole: Major meat in these woods.

Theo: Time to go hunting.

Cole & Theo :Hungry!


Kevin: So you want to hit the slopes with your pops? I can shred.

Jenna: You know what would make this senior ski trip super great? If I could pretend my parents weren't on it with me.

Lacey: Honey, you're going to college in less than nine months. We don't have that much time left together. Just ski with us… No?

Jenna: No.

Lacey: Please.

Jenna: No.


Lissa: Don't worry, Ty Ty, it won't hurt you. It's just like rain, only cold.

Tyler: I have skied in Switzerland, dear sister. Gstaad is epic.

Lissa: Tyler is so full of surprises. I didn't even know he had a word for snow.


Pete: Hey, Tamara. Want to go for a run.

Tamara: I am so up to go down. Down the mountain, I mean, right now.

Pete: Cool.

Tamara: Jenna?

Jenna: I'm still psyching myself up. Go ahead.

Lacey: Jenna. You remember your father saying he would teach me to ski, right?

Kevin: You remember me saying I'd put her in ski school.

Lacey: You are an old man. You cannot keep up with Matty and Jake.

Kevin: Fine, let's get on the chair.

Lacey: Oh, God, the chair? No, I'm not getting on that thing.

Kevin: Well, as far as I know, that's the only way up the mountain.


Man: Hey, you. I need you in the singles line.

Jenna: The singles line. Skiing equivalent of being the loser no one wanted to sit with in the cafeteria.

Valerie: J! You look like a sadsy over there all by yourself. You want to go on a run with Biggie and me?

Jenna: No, thanks. I'm waiting for someone.

Biggie: It's not freshies, but any snow is good snow, right? Welcome to my mountain, and be safe.

Valerie: Whoa, hey, freshie. No bear paws in my honey pot.

Kevin: Oh, hey, look, it's the Three Musketeers. You want to come shred with your folks?

Jenna: No, thanks. I'm-- I'm good.

Kevin: Come on, cupcake.

Lacey: Kevin. Kev-- Hel-- help me.

Jenna: My snow adventure was already a meltdown. I really needed some TLC.

Kevin: Oh, there we go. There we go.

Luke: Hey, beautiful.

Jenna: It was like magic. He was like magic. Suddenly, I had my mountain high.


Jenna: Oh!

Luke: That's it.

Jenna: Oh, my God.

Luke: That's it.

Jenna: Oh, my God.

Luke: You got it.

Jenna: Yes.

Luke: You're skiing. This is it.


Luke: You know, for a beginner, you're really a beginner.

Jenna: Well, luckily there is lots of time before the next Winter Olympics. Hey. Oh, you guys made it down faster, but we all end up in the same place.

Matty: Jenna, we've been down four times… You okay?

Jenna: Yeah.

Matty: Okay?

Jenna: Yeah. Oops.


Jenna: Matty and I had been weird around each other since the essay misunderstanding, so maybe it was time to be on more solid ground, even if we were hanging by a cable 8 million feet in the air.

Jenna: Eva and Luke certainly seem to be hitting it off.

Matty: She can talk to anyone.

Jenna: She always has so much to talk about.

Matty: What does that mean?

Jenna: I didn't mean it to come out that way. Or did I? There was definitely some weirdness with Eva, but it wasn't gonna do me any good to get into it with Matty.

Jenna: I didn't mean anything. She's just... Interesting.

Matty: Jenna, do you have a problem with Eva?


Sadie: She's a lying slunt, and that's where she lives.

Sergio: I didn't know I was driving you to a catfight. I would have charged more.

Sadie: You're charging me? That's rude.

Sergio: Just gas. Maybe a neck rub. You stress me, Sadita. You're so uptight all the time, it's contagious.

Sadie: There won't be a catfight, because that ratchet whore is on the ski trip.

Sergio: Then what are we doing here?

Sadie: I just need some intel. And stay in the truck.

Sergio: What, you don't want to be seen with me?

Sadie: This isn't a good neighbourhood for you.


Matty: Jenna, she already told me all of this, but she said that you showed up at school and accused us of having sex in your bed.

Jenna: That's not what happened. I just told you I would never think that. That's what she wanted me to believe.

Matty: That's a little hard to believe.

Jenna: Yeah, well, it's hard to believe that I'd find her panties in my bed too.

Matty: Yeah, it is. Look, I don't know what this is all about, or what your problem is with her, but I-I really like her. So could you do me a favour and just back off?

Jenna: Yeah, sure, Matty. Happy to.


Luke: Bend at the waist. Bend at the waist.

Jenna: I'm trying.

Luke: Graceful like a swan.

Eva: Look at me, Matty.

Luke: Man, Eva sure picked up riding fast for a newbie.

Jenna: Must have been all that time in Switzerland with the DJ.

Luke: No, that guy was afraid of heights.

Jenna: Sounds like she told you her whole life story.

Luke: Hardly, Jenna. We were only in the chair for 15 minutes.

Jenna: Yeah, well, she can get a lot out in 15 minutes.


Housekeeper: The hose is in the side yard, and you need to pick up the dog poops.

Sadie: That is rude and racist. He is not a gardener. He is a short order cook.

Sergio: Yeah, and princess over here serves hot dogs to construction workers.

Housekeeper: What do you want?

Sadie: I'm a friend of Eva's, Eva Mansfield.

Eva Mansfield: I'm Eva Mansfield.


Eva Mansfield: Thousands and thousands of dollars. The credit card people are still after me. Look, they don't even think I'm me. Have you ever seen such criminal behaviour?

Sergio: Lady, my dad's a cop.

Sadie: Why isn't her name on any of these?

Eva Mansfield: She's a juvenile. Her name's been redacted.


Jenna: This is my favourite part of skiing.

Luke: Me too.

Guy: No, no. The best après is in Val D'Isere.

Girl: No, no, Courchevel.

Tyler: The best I had was in Lech.

Lissa: Lech, like where the sea monster is?

Tyler: No, dear sister, in Austria.

Guy: As long as it's not on St. Moritz. There's too many, how you say, Russians.

Jake: Well, Snow Valley's pretty awesome for local skiing, though.

Tyler: As long as there's snow, schnapps, and gorgeous women, I'm happy.

Guy: Oui.


Tamara: Pete, that was so sweet of you to coach me today, but just so you know, my best moves aren't on skis.

Pete: You did pretty good for a beginner.

Tamara: Thanks, but I'm much more agile, you know, when I'm not wearing all those bulky clothes.

Pete: Yeah, but you can't really ski naked.

Tamara: Okay, so do you want to get in the hot tub?

Theo: Oh, man. Sad, desperate heteros.

Cole: Oppressive.

Tamara: Excuse me. People relaxing here.

Theo: Well, we can't relax, because this broke down winter shithole has busted cell service, which means Groper's gone limp.

Cole: Which means we got to get laid the old-fashioned way.

Tamara: Why don't you guys just go to a gay bar?

Cole: Why don't you just go to a hetero ghetto?

Theo: We're in a hetero ghetto.

Tamara: Can we get out of here, please? The hot tub's calling me.


Eva: Oh. Looks like Jenna and Luke staked out the best spot.

Matty: No, there's plenty of room.

Eva: Not a good idea. Plus, I feel like she's staring daggers at me.

Matty: Eva, I think you're being a little bit paranoid.

Eva: You're right. I'll go get hot chocolates.

Matty: Okay.


Eva: Hey, guys.

Jenna: Hey.

Eva: Oh, my—

Jenna: I am so sorry. I didn't see you there.

Eva: Why would you do that? You knew I was right there.

Luke: Are you okay?

Eva: Yeah, I'm fine, it's just-- it's just-- it's just a little hot. Can we just go back to the room?

Matty: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Seriously, can you just stay away?

Luke: Are you okay?

Jenna: Yeah, I'm-- I'm fine.

Luke: Jenna, was it a bad idea that I came here this weekend?

Jenna: What? No, no.

Luke: Because if you have stuff to work out with Matty, I have schoolwork that I'm ignoring.

Jenna: I just-- Can you just-- I need to be alone for a few minutes.


Tamara: So, what's wrestling like? Sweaty? Do you just, like, pick someone up and throw them down on that mat?

Pete: No, it's not like that at all. It's really all about the footwork.

Tamara: Mm, I love footwork.

Pete: You wrestle?

Theo: This is a sick stew of basic.

Tamara: Well, no one invited you to join.

Cole: That's why we didn't ask.

Gloria: Ooh, it's so cozy in here.

Lissa: Hot bubbles are the best thing ever.

Tamara: WTF, Jake? Can I get some space?

Theo: There's only one thing that can relieve these repressed losers from their sick sexual tension.

Cole & Theo: Key party!


Sergio: She's crazy. Thank you, dad.

Sadie: What did he say?

Sergio: Okay, my dad is doing this off the record as a favour. He totally bent the rules--

Sadie: Yes, I know, and I appreciate it, and I will give you and your dad my first-born child. Now, what did he say?

Sergio: I get your baby? You know what has to happen first, Sadita.

Sadie: Gross. What did he say?

Sergio: Her real name is Amber Horn from San Pedro.

Sadie: Of course she's from Pedro. Could she be any more textbook lowlife? Okay, road trip.


Jenna: Tonight's performance of embarrassing ex drama has finally concluded.

Luke: That's good news.

Jenna: Mm-hmm. Who's been in here?

Luke: Your roommate?

Jenna: No, she's been gone all day.

Luke: Well...

Jenna: She's messing with me again.

Luke: Who?

Jenna: Who do you think?


Cole: Mountains are for adventures, people. Come on! Guys put their key cards in the bowl.

Jenna: Why the fuck are you so obsessed with my room?

Eva: Excuse me?

Jenna: The condoms, Eva. What, are you trying to make me think that Matty screwed you in my bed again?

Matty: What?

Luke: Jenna.

Eva: What is wrong with you? What condoms?

Jenna: The condoms you left in my room.

Gloria: Whoopsie. My bad.

Jenna: I thought you said you weren't gonna hook up in our room.

Gloria: I said I'd hardly be in the room. I didn't make any guarantees.

Jake: Okay, let's pick some keys.


Luke: You know... I didn't drive two hours to watch some psychodrama with your ex-boyfriend.

Jenna: That's not what it is.

Luke: Then what is it? When you figure it out, let me know. In the meantime, I'm gonna go catch up on the studying I've been blowing off to be here with you.


Sadie: That bitch's cover is totally blown. She doesn't even live in our district. She is so out of PHHS.

Sergio: Stay in the truck. This isn't a good neighbourhood for you.

Sadie: Oh, please.

Guys: Whoo!

Sergio: Calmaté You love it.

Sadie: Duh.


Sadie: Hi, I'm a friend of Amber's.

Gran: Didn't know Amber had friends.

Sadie: Oh, I just love her. Are you her mom?

Gran: Her gran. My daughter took off for Vegas years ago. Come on down. She's probably in her room.

Sadie: Amber's downstairs?

Gran: Probably studying. She's always studying.


Sadie: Jesus H Christ… That psychotic bitch.


Tamara: Boys, I know this is random, but it better be Pete.

Theo: Maybe we shouldn't have left it all boy-on-girl. That's so basic.

Cole: These people can't handle a paradigm shift.


Gloria: Oh, come on. This is too much work, even for me. I'm on vacation.


Lissa: Oh, my God. This is a horrible mistake.

Tyler: God makes no mistakes, Lissa. Everyone else is busy. There's no reason we need to be alone. There's lots to watch on TV.


Cole: Way to clear out the trash.

Theo: Basic is as basic does. Now the fun really begins. Hello, boys. Glad you could join us.


Eva: Ugh.

Sadie: Matty, can you hear me? Eva is a compulsive liar. You have to get away from her. Matty. Matty.


Jenna: My head was clearing, a little. Why was I letting Eva make me so crazy? Could I separate what I thought about her from what I thought about Matty? It was a tangled web I needed to get away from so that I could focus on what was important and what made me happy... Luke.

Jenna: Hey. I'm finally over my altitude-induced dementia. I am so sorry. Can I make it up to you?

Luke: I guess I could be persuaded.

Jenna: How about a romantic moonlit stroll? Meet you by the bear in five?

Luke: I'm all yours.

Jenna: Hello?

Sadie: Eva Mansfield is a lying psychopath. As usual, I was absolutely right. You have to get to Matty. Her real name is Amber Horn, and until she came to PHHS, she hadn't set foot outside of San Pedro.

Jenna: What?

Sadie: She was kicked out of the school system when she was nine. Stabbed a kid in the face with a pencil. She's been homeschooled, by herself.

Jenna: Holy shit!

Sadie: You've got to tell Matty. I called him, and she answered his phone. You have to find him.


Jenna: Matty, Matty, are you in there? Come on, pick up, Matty… Matty. I have to talk--


Jenna: Luke. Luke, I am so sorry.

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