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#316 : Soirée en boite

Jenna passe la soirée dans la ville pour se détendre, mais finit par avoir besoin d'aide.


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Less Than Hero

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Soirée en boite

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Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) et son prof Mr Hart (Anthony Michael Hall)

Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) et son prof Mr Hart (Anthony Michael Hall)

Jenna et Matty (Beau Mirchoff)

Jenna et Matty (Beau Mirchoff)



Tamara prépare ses affiches

Tamara prépare ses affiches



Valerie (Desi Lydic), Lacey et une amie des filles

Valerie (Desi Lydic), Lacey et une amie des filles

Lacey Hamilton (Nikki Deloach)

Lacey Hamilton (Nikki Deloach)

Jake (Brett Davern) et Tamara

Jake (Brett Davern) et Tamara

Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) et Ming (Jessica Lu)

Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) et Ming (Jessica Lu)

Jenna se fait refouler

Jenna se fait refouler


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Mr. Hart’s classroom

Jenna: A piece of writing was never more perfect than in that fleeting moment between finishing it and hearing someone else's opinion. In that moment, my Val expose was still pure, still poetry, still…

Mr. Hart: Pass.

Jenna: What?

Mr. Hart: I am not gonna publish this.

Jenna: I couldn't let my "Tell all" become a "Tell none."

Jenna: That's censorship!

Mr. Hart: Maybe, but that is bullshit, and the literary magazine does not print crap.

Jenna: It's all true.

Mr. Hart: Ms. Marks called you for dating advice, she listed you as her personal emergency contact, and she made you touch her breast?

Jenna: She thought she had a lump.

Mr. Hart: Troubling, but still "No." You wasted your suspension passing this kidney stone. And I'm not gonna print it.

Jenna: Why? Is it too long?

Mr. Hart: Nope.

Jenna: Too short?

Mr. Hart: Nope.

Jenna: Bad spelling? Typos?

Mr. Hart: Are you still here?

Jenna: I'm not leaving until you tell me why you won't print it.

Mr. Hart: Because it's cruel.

Jenna: Cruel? The man had invented the concept.

Jenna: You told me to write the truth, and this is the truth. You have to put it in the magazine. You said you wouldn't censor us.

Mr. Hart: What if someone wrote a piece like this about you, pointing out all of your flaws?

Jenna: If it were true, then I'd deserve it, just like she does.

Mr. Hart: Jenna, words have power, and that's something that all writers need to understand… This book had a huge impact on my journey as a writer. Maybe it can do the same for you.

Jenna: Hart's favourite book. I couldn't wait to not read it.

Mr. Hart: As for your piece, I cannot stop you from still-birthing it into the world. I just want you to think it over.

Jenna: Fine. But I'm not gonna change my mind.


Jenna: It felt good to defy authority, and I could stand by my words and still look Val in the eye… For a moment.

Valerie: Jenna, my girl? Can we just thaw our suspension tension? We both said a lot of things we probably regret. Mostly you said them.

Jenna: I don't regret anything.

Valerie: Live without regret. That's my motto too. Let's just end this struggle with a snuggle.

Jenna: Let's not.

Valerie: It's cool. We're still friends. Friends fight. It'll only make us stronger!


Abby: Want stronger leadership? Don't be a sucker. Vote Abby Martin for Freshman Treasurer.

Tamara: Do I have food in my braces? Does my backpack have wheels? Do I wonder what a penis feels like? No! Why? 'Cause I'm not a freakin' freshman!

Abby: I'm sorry.

Tamara: Yes, we'll take some candy. Good luck.

Ming: Well played.

Tamara: But these sweets are a sour reminder. ASB elections are next week, and Jake has done nothing for his presidential campaign. Can you secure the Asian vote?

Ming: Ooh, are you Jake's campaign manager?

Tamara: No, I'm his life manager, which includes his campaign. If he's gonna win, he has to wake the sleeping dragon.

Ming: Done! I say, Asians do.

Tamara: Can you have them put a hit out on Jenna's new personality?

Ming: Ugh, I just wish she'd be herself.

Tamara: Be "Herselves" is more like it. Maybe she's having a hard time seeing through her pretentious fake glasses.


Jenna: I didn't care what the bitches thought… I had Collin.

Jenna: Mr. "Hart-less" won't publish my essay because he says it's cruel. Can you believe that?

Collin: It is. But it's also insightful and controversial, like all great writing… Hey, so I'm taking you out tonight. My buddy Dave Osokow can get us into a pop-up club downtown.

Jenna: Can't. Still grounded.

Collin: So what?

Jenna: I know. I just can't deal with my parents' bullshit.

Collin: Okay, but can we at least take the long way home?

Jenna: Definitely.


Tamara: Where are your posters? Your opponent Myles has tons.

Jake: Myles needs posters. He has no brand awareness. I don't need posters.

Tamara: You're too complacent. You need to step it up. No campaign, no gain. Here is a list of things that we should be doing.

Jake: "Aggregate polling data."

Tamara: Mm-hmm.

Jake: What does that even mean? Look, I know how to win. I've done it every year without your list… I'm sorry. How about I come over tonight and we make posters?

Tamara: Yes, we'll promote your platform in puff paint. Shit! I hope I have enough puff paint. Who am I kidding? Of course I do.

Valerie’s office/bathroom

Valerie: I'm still shivering from Jenna's cold shoulder.

Lacey: Oh, you think it's bad for you? Imagine living with her… Val!

Valerie: Huh? What? Sorry. We need to do something. If only there was some way we could intervene. That's it! An intervention! But who's gonna lead it?

Lacey: Don't you do that stuff for a living?

Valerie: Not well, L-dog. Not well. We'll need an expert.

Lacey: I know one!

Hamilton’s house

Ally: I've been to tons of these things.

Valerie: Excellent. Can you walk us through what to expect?

Ally: Mm. You know, come to think of it, I really don't remember much. I was fairly high when it was happening.

Lacey: I'm nervous. I'm gonna need someone else to go first.

Sadie: Can I go first? I'd love the chance to tell Jenna all the different ways she's been a disappointment. And don't worry, I won't hold anything back. There's no time limit, right?

Valerie: Maybe you should be the silent peer presence. How's your supportive nod?

Lacey: I've never thrown an intervention before, but luckily, Google has. I hid all the sharp objects, and I put out plenty of tissues. And, oh, I almost forgot. I got munchies.

Sadie: Ladies, I really should be the one leading this intervention. Today alone, I got two people to stop drinking.

Valerie: And only three or four to start.

Sadie: If any of you knew anything about anything, you'd know that my Twitter feed, @yourharshtruth, is blowing up. People can't get enough of my unfiltered advice.

Lacey: Someone wants your advice?

Sadie: Yes. And here's a tip for free… That top comes in your size too. We already know your boobs are huge.

Lacey: Why is she here again?

Ally: You wanted a peer presence, and lil bitch has no friends.

Lacey: Right.

Valerie: Okay, here she comes.

Lacey: Places, everybody!

Valerie: Oh! Oh! Oh, God.

Lacey: Act natural.

Jenna: What's going on here?

Lacey: Oh! They just dropped by... Unexpectedly.

Ally: Oops.

Lacey: Why don't you come chat with us?

Valerie: Yes, come sit in this semicircle of furniture, where we can all see each other clearly and feel encouraged to share.

Lacey: So...

Valerie: So...

Jenna: So...

Ally: Lil bitch, this is your intervention, unh.

Jenna: What?

Valerie: What? I-I think we were supposed to build to the issue in a gentle way.

Sadie: Yes. Let me explain. Jenna, you have a problem… You're an asshole.

Valerie: Yet again, the gentle intent was lost.

Lacey: Honey, we're just worried about you. You've been distant and...

Valerie: Irritable.

Lacey: You've lost all your friends.

Valerie: You could use a good hair scrub.

Jenna: Wow. I'm touched. I so appreciate your concern. Thank you, mom. I really needed this wake-up call.

Valerie: I mean, uh, actually, it was-- it was my idea.

Jenna: Of course. Can I say something?

Lacey: Mm-hmm.

Jenna: You're all a bunch of hypocrites. So fuck off!

Jenna’s bedroom

Jenna: My accusers were two losers, one user, and an abuser. They were the last people I would listen to, and I was sick and tired of people telling me what I should and shouldn't do. I was gonna do what I wanted, when I wanted, and with whom I wanted. No one was gonna stop me… Valerie thought I needed a wake-up call? But in reality, she was about to get one.

Lacey: Honey? I-I…

Valerie: Damn it! We didn't secure the perimeter.

Ally: Can we drink now?

Lacey: Yes.

Valerie: Yes!

Jenna: I didn't know when the sisterhood of the blathering skanks would be back, and I wasn't gonna stick around to find out.

Jenna: Hey. Count me in for tonight.

Tamara’s bedroom

Jake: Holy crap!

Tamara: I've selected different colours based on which hallways they'll hang in, and I've cross-referenced them with my election week outfits. This, Candidate Rosati, is your prototype "Poster with the moster."

Jake: That is awesome.

Tamara: Told you so.

Jake: You did. You can totally make all my posters.

Tamara: Uh, I can make your posters?

Jake: Yeah.

Tamara: Jake! This is not a free ride, this is a "We" ride. We're doing this together. You need to make posters so that you can shine through.

Jake: Okay, pass me a marker.

Tamara: Which colour?

Jake: Whatever… Okay! One down.

Tamara: "Jake 4 Prez"? This isn't a text! Flesh it out. You have to take a stand on issues, like the sale of flaming hot Cheetos. Do you favour the flavour, or spurn the burn? You can't be apathetic.

Jake: Okay. Fine. Hand me another poster board.

Tamara: Mm-hmm.

Jake: And this time, the, uh... Green marker, please.

Hamilton’s house

Lacey: Let me get you a plate.

Jenna: I'm going out.

Kevin: Uh, no, you're not. You're grounded.

Jenna: Which means what, exactly? Because as far as I see it, I'm about to leave.

Lacey: Okay, you are out of control, and you're ruining your life.

Jenna: No, you're ruining my life, just like you ruined yours. You know what? You don't even have a life. The only job you've had for 17 years is being a mom, and you suck at it!

Kevin: Do not talk to your mom that way.

Jenna: Why not? Are you gonna give her the wake-up call she needs?

Lacey: If you leave…

Jenna: What?

Lacey: Don't come back.

Kevin: Lace…

Lacey: No, Kevin. Don't come back.


Collin: Far cry from Palos Verdes, huh?

Jenna: It was. The pop-up club had popped up at the perfect time. There was no place like away from home.

Angelique: You made it!

Jenna: And you made it too.

Angelique: Hold on. I think I hate that girl.

Jenna: So random running into Angelique here.

Collin: Actually, I invited her. Is that cool?

Jenna: I was with the coolest guy at the coolest club in town. How could I not be cool with it?

Jenna: Of course.

Hamilton’s house

Lacey: Jenna spoke the truth. I'm a terrible mom. I failed her, and then I drove her away. I have to fix this. I have to tell her she can come home.

Kevin: No!

Lacey: Wha… No?

Kevin: No! Lace, you showed her the tough love she deserves.

Lacey: But maybe I was too tough.

Kevin: Frankly, I don't think you were tough enough. If she wants to be independent, she can learn the hard way, on the streets, alone... With thugs... And rapists. Oh, God, our baby.

Lacey: No! Don't break!

Kevin: But she needs her daddy! I think you just broke your phone.

Lacey: That was my phone. Well, good. Because we can't let her manipulate us. We have to stay strong. It is time for tough love.

Kevin: I can't.

Lacey: You can.

Kevin: I don't want to.

Lacey: That's why it's tough.

Kevin: Okay. You're right. Let's just hope, wherever she is, Jenna is making good choices.


Collin: Brain Eraser, or Gut Rot?

Angelique: Brain Eraser.

Jenna: Gut Rot.

Angelique: Whoo!

Collin: Taking it to the next level. Speaking of next level.

Angelique: Ooh!

Jenna: Either Angelique really liked candy, or…

Collin: Tonight's festivities are brought to you by the letter X.

Jenna: In the moment, I didn't know if my mind could take any more expanding, so I blamed it on my bladder.

Jenna: I need to use the bathroom. Be right back.


Angelique: Bathroom line shots!

Jenna: Sorry I ran away.

Angelique: You ran away?

Jenna: Wasn't it obvious?

Angelique: Yeah.

Jenna: I just didn't feel ready to try ecstasy for the first time.

Angelique: Oh, no.I feel awful.

Jenna: What? No, it's fine. Why would you feel bad?

Angelique: I put the E in your drink.


Jenna: I was through the looking glass and apparently down the "Grab it" hole, and the ecstasy was definitely having an effect... On Collin and Angelique. I, on the other hand, was way too freaked out to be blissed out.

Angelique: Hey, feel this. It's amazing.

Collin: Oh, amazing. Here, Jenna, you gotta feel.

Jenna: Yeah, it's amazing.

Jenna: It wasn't amazing.

Angelique: I love you guys.

Jenna: Um, shouldn't we do this somewhere in private?

Collin: Oh, no, she's cool, you're cool, right, Ang?

Angelique: Yeah. I'm totally cool.

Jenna: Okay. Angelique was definitely cool, and not afraid of beard burn... Or boundaries.

Tamara’s bedroom

Tamara: Jake! You need to push your boundaries! Get out of your comfort zone! Go Don Draper on this paper. Take the time to make it rhyme. Don't be bitter, add more glitter!

Jake: Stop it!

Tamara: Rhyming?

Jake: No, telling me what to do! You're suffocating me.

Tamara: I'm trying to help you.

Jake: No, you're trying to turn me into the prototype of a perfect boyfriend. And I try, and I try everything that you say, but you still have more criticism.

Tamara: I'm sorry that I want us to work on our relationship.

Jake: "Us"? I do all the work.

Tamara: You don't think I work to be a good girlfriend? I just made you 20 posters!

Jake: That I didn't ask for! You think you know better about everything. Well, this is the one thing that I know how to do, and you don't. You would make the worst president ever. I don't need rhyming slogans or glitter or to dot my "I" s with little stars. I can write anything on my posters and still win!

Tamara: Oh, yeah? Could you write this?

Jake: You wouldn't dare.

Tamara: Oh, wouldn't I?

Jake: Put that glitter down.


Jenna: So there was an excess caress. It was okay. It wasn't like I was in a threesome. And she had to put her hand somewhere. It definitely didn't mean I was in a threesome. Or I was in a threesome.

Jenna: I'm not comfortable.

Collin: Take off your jacket.

Angelique: I'll help you.

Jenna: No. No. I need to go home. Right now.

Collin: Oh. Okay. See ya.

Jenna: I may have been high, but I'd never felt so low. I was scared, alone, and my lack of cash or credit matched my lack of options. I had to call someone… Not my parents... Or my friends. There was only one last resort, and I was desperate.

Jenna: Hey, it's me. Can you come pick me up?

Matty’s car

Matty: Do you need me to stop and get you some water or something?

Jenna: I'm okay.

Matty: It's just an earring.

Jenna: But it's not mine.

Matty: Is there anything else you need me to do?

Jenna: Can you hold me?

Matty: Yeah.

Jenna: Thank you for being my hero.

Matty: That's all I ever wanted to be.

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