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#514 : Mais que s'est-il passé l'an dernier ?

Jenna révèle ce qu'il s'est passé l'année dernière. La raison pour laquelle Matty et elle sont en froid. Comment Sadie et Tamara sont devenues super amies et comment Jake et Lissa se sont remis ensemble.


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WTF Happened Last Year?

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Mais que s'est-il passé l'an dernier ?

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Idea Bin

Luke: You have changed.

Jenna: Three complicated words to hear after having sex with your ex.

Jenna: What do you mean?

Luke: Well, I couldn't help noticing... This is new.

Jenna: Stop. You're too distracting. I have to work.

Luke: It's okay. I have pictures of my ex too. He is your ex, right? You're not still...

Jenna: No, not even friends or... People who even speak to each other.

Luke: Whoa. What happened?

Jenna: I haven't really been up for talking about it.

Luke: I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't have asked. It's just, it's you, and I care.

Jenna: Maybe it was because I knew he genuinely did or maybe because it was because we had just bared our bodies, so why not bare my soul? Whatever it was, I felt comfortable with him and before I could second guess it, everything was coming out.

Jenna: I thought it was impossible, but...

Wycoff: Jenna’s bedroom

Jenna: I've never been more in love with Matty. He's gonna be here tomorrow, and I've got butterflies. I've hated the long distance thing, but in a lot of ways, it's been good for us.

Britta: They appreciate each other in a new way. It's wicked sweet to see.

Girl: You two will be at the co-op Halloween party, right?

Britta: You have to go. Everyone in my Great Books group said it's the party of the year, and those people know how to party.

Jenna: Yeah, there's no way we're gonna miss it. Oh, hey, Matty and I are going to FaceTime tonight. Will you guys, uh...

Britta: Already leaving.

Jenna: With 2,500 miles between us, I decided to give Matty a little more than FaceTime.

Tamara: Your boobs got bigger!

Jenna: Do you think Matty would be into a staged reading of an Edgar Allan Poe poem?

Tamara: Don't do that to him.

Jenna: All I know for sure is that I am definitely taking him to the co-op Halloween party. It's gonna be insane.

Tamara: That is a lot of out-of-bed action for a bone-a-thon weekend.

Charlie: Hey, J. Thanks for the loaner.

Jenna: Here.

Charlie: You in for organic Tequila Taco Tuesday?

Jenna: I'm on guac.

Charlie: Great, all right.

Jenna: Sorry, I know the timing sucked with the Adam breakup, and I'm sorry I wasn't...

Tamara: It's fine. He was committed to shipping off and serving our country and I was committed to not being a teenage bride.

Girl 2: Hey, Jenna.

Tamara: I'll always be a patriot, but I think I'm finally moving on from Adam. Going out tonight. I mean, I go out most nights, but yeah, tonight too.

Britta: Jenna, vamoose. Everyone's on the roof. The Jaeger's disgusting, but it's almost gone. Let's roll.

Tamara: Go! I have to primp and crimp before din. X-O-X-O!

Jenna: Great. Love you. Bye.

Tamara’s bedroom

Tamara: Hey, Kiki. Hi, everyone. It is freezing out, huh? Burr-tal.

Kiki: Just grabbing my bag. We have a rezzie at Hoof & Grouse.

Tamara: Oh, dish-delish. I've been wanting to go there. Let me just grab my coat.

Kiki: Oh, apologies, sweetie. Our rez is for five, a hard five and there's a dress code, so... You know?

Tamara: Yeah, actually, I just remembered, I have plans with Janet from down the hall, so we're all cool.

Kiki: That's nice. Have fun with Janet.

Wycoff: hallway

Jenna: Soon, Matty would be with me in Maine, meeting my friends, seeing my new life. It would be like worlds colliding and it was happening in only three hours… Or right now.

Jenna: Matty! When do you... What do you... When did you...

Matty: Mm.

Jenna: Did you catch an earlier flight? What about your soccer game?

Matty: It was rescheduled.

Jenna: That's great... I mean, I'm sorry about your team. That must be annoying, but I am not sorry for us.

Matty: God, I missed you. Just this face, these lips, these eyes… This.

Wycoff: Jenna’s bedroom

Britta: Jenna, I need you. Charlie's having... Oh, Matty McKibben. Holy hell, you're already here.

Matty: Hi, Britta.

Britta: Oh, my God, you're tall IRL, and hot.

Matty: Thank you. It's nice to meet you too.

Jenna: Uh, Brit, you mind giving us a couple more minutes to finish catching up?

Britta: Oh! Oh, yeah. Right on. Got it. Um, but the thing is, everyone's hanging out in Charlie's room and stupid Zed's there. Zed is my garbage can-ex who I may still be in love with. I know, don't get me started. So, uh, you know, I can't see that garbage can without you.

Jenna: It's just that Matty just got here, and...

Matty: Well, Jenna, if you want to go, I want to go. As long as I'm with you, I'm good… And if there's beer.

Britta: Cutest couple ever. I can't even. I need a pic. The world needs proof that young love effing does exist.


Announcer: Welcome to Palos Hills International Airport.

Lissa: Mommy!

Lesley: My angel. Home for fall break, and just in time for us to celebrate your birthday together… Honey bunny, how long is your fall break for?

Lissa: Forever. I dropped out.


Charlie: Hey. This is home-brewed, pumpkin flavored. Call it the Wycoff.

Matty: Whoa.

Jenna: You'll love it.

Charlie: Yeah, it's great.

Matty: Okay… Oh… Uh, you shouldn't be naming that after your school.

Charlie: Oh, my bad. Well, Jenna digs it, so I figured you would...

Jenna: Yeah.

Charlie: But we got other sauce. What-what gets your buzz on?

Matty: Um, anything that doesn't have pumpkin flavors.

Charlie: Okay.

Britta: Matty McKibben, we're doing a survey. Who are your top five favorite post-modern writers?

Jenna: Britta and I are in this amazing post-modern fiction seminar.

Matty: Okay, uh, you know, I like Vonnegut just as much as the next guy, but is this what you guys really talk about at parties?

Britta: We live in the woods and half the campus is boycotting social media, so, yeah, this is what we do… Who else is on your list? You a Pynchon guy, a Nabokov guy?

Girl: Or are you a David Foster Wallace freak? I bet you are.

Matty: You know, I'm not into picking favorites. I love all those guys. Hey, you want to go back to your room?

Jenna: I was torn. I felt in my element, but I had seen how not in his element Matty was.

Wycoff: Jenna’s bedroom

Jenna: We had lots of time for Matty to get to know my friends. Right now was all about knowing each other. Every inch of each other.

The day after

Jenna: I woke up with the butterflies gone and two of my favorite guys, Albert Camus and Matty. I was a lucky girl... And a late one.

Matty: Hey, not so fast. You're not going anywhere.

Jenna: Oh, I wish I could, but we're doing "The Stranger" today, and I can't miss it.

Matty: You're leaving me for a stranger?

Jenna: But look, you are gonna have a great day on campus. I made a list for you. First, you have to get a croissant from Cafe Foucault. They're unbelievable. Ooh. Next door is the thrift store. Maybe you'll find a Halloween costume there, and I know you have the big game, so here's a guest pass to the gym. I know you can't miss a workout.

Matty: Let me see the list. Oh, gotcha! Gotcha. Oh! You can't leave now. You're skipping class. Deal with it.

Jenna: Look, it's not even snowing.

Matty: Was that a possibility?

Jenna: Have a good day. I love you.

Clothes shops

Shop Girl: $585.

Tamara: For two black cotton T-shirts?

Shop Girl: For two organic cotton ebony tops.

Tamara: That's not my price point for tops.

Shop Girl: Well, that's a sad.

Sadie: Ring 'em up, shop bitch.

Tamara: Sadie!

Sadie: Gross. Stop gawking. I saw a familiar face and I took pity. Don't wet your pants over it… Chop chop, Tilda Skanton. You work retail, so work it.


Lesley: Quitting college is a big decision, sweetie. Vanderbilt had a lot to offer you.

Lissa: Like slow Wi-Fi and way too many classes about books?

Lesley: Like your future husband. Vandy breeds bread-winners. That campus is crawling with marriage material.

Lissa: Mm, I did like the boys, but once I realized all I wanted to be was a Palos Hills Mom, I was like, "Lissa, "why are you torturing yourself at boring college when you could go home and get the best education from the prettiest Palos Hills Mom ever?"

Lesley: I see your plan now, darling, and it's beautiful. I am honored to welcome you to Lesley Miller College. Classes start today… To the birthday girl and Vanderbilt dropout.

Lissa: Jake?

Jake: Oh shit… Uh, deliciosia, and maravillosa, tu cumpleaños, estoy.

Wycoff: Jenna’s bedroom

Jenna: Matty. Oh, Matty. It smells like boy and calzones in here.

Matty: Well, I am a boy, and I did eat calzones.

Jenna: In the room?

Matty: Yeah, that's the beauty of delivery.

Jenna: Delivery?

Matty: Uh-huh.

Jenna: Been here all day?

Matty: Yeah, it's like two degrees out there. I'm resting up.

Jenna: For the parties tonight?

Matty: No, for you… Hey, put that hippie stuff away and come back to bed with me.

Jenna: I'd known Matty to eat calzones. I had never known him to sleep all day. It spooked me.

Jenna: Come on, we've got to get our costumes ready for the party tonight.

Matty: Mm, costumes, do we have to?

Jenna: Yes, it's Halloween.


Lissa: Jake.

Jake: Lissa.

Lissa: Why did you run away from me to come here? It smells.

Jake: I was embarrassed. I should've never taken this dumb gap year. I should've gone to college.

Lissa: Are you joshing me? College is really hard and confusing. Did you know you have to take different classes on different days at different times in different buildings?  It's nuts.

Jake: No, that's standard, I think.

Lissa: College is stupid.

Jake: Did you drop out, Lissa?

Lissa: Not going to college is going to be the best decision of my life, yours too if you let it.

Owner: Hey, is that a joint, Rosati?

Jake: No...

Lissa: Yes!

Owner: You're fired.

Jake: Oh, señor, no...

Lissa: Yay. It really is my b-day, and your present is to spend the rest of today with me.

Jake: I needed that job, Lissa.

Lissa: Well, I know a place always looking to hire cute boys.


Jenna: I went as my favorite author. Matty went in his favorite hoodie, but who cared if he didn't wear a costume? We were together, so this Hallow's Eve felt like heaven.

Vampire: Joan Didion!

Jenna: Yes!

Vampire: I'm obsessed, and what are you?

Mona Lisa: Some athlete? Oh, I don't know sports people. Or are you supposed to be an all-around dumb jock?

Jenna: Matty had been called a dumb jock, but he was smart enough not to let it bother him. I was proud of him for letting it go and enjoying the party, and not even needing to be by my side to do it.

Charlie: I mean, call me a dreamer, but I wouldn't be mad if Kanye West was our next poet laureate.

Matty: God, his wife is freakin' hot.

Girl: I guess if you want to view her through the male gaze, she's hot.

Matty: What other gaze could I have?

Britta: It's so bizarre that you and Jenna are both from California, but that Jenna doesn't seem like it at all.

Matty: Yeah? What does she seem like?

Britta: You know, like, Jenna. Like, Jenna doesn't surf.

Matty: I don't surf either.

Girl: But you seem like you do.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Matty: Yeah? What does that mean?

Girl: It's a compliment. Everyone loves a surfer.

Matty: Yeah, okay.


Jenna: All I know is that being a vegetarian has definitely made my boobs bigger. Hey, babe.

Matty: Hi.

Jenna: I was just telling everyone about...

Matty: Hey, yeah, I heard. Can we leave? I'm, uh, tired.

Jenna: From what? You slept all day.

Matty: I didn't know that was a problem.

Jenna: Sorry, it's just that it's barely 1:00 a.m. and I'm having a great time and there's so many more friends I want you to meet.

Matty: Jenna, your friends are boring, and I literally don't care about anything they are saying.

Jenna: Okay, let's go.


Sadie: Let her go. The woods and granola people have Hempilton now. That self-absorbed mope is their problem, not yours.

Tamara: You are so bad. I should not be letting you talk about Jenna that way. Please, please don't stop. No one talks shits about Jenna to me except me.

Sadie: We had such different high school experiences.

Tamara: Yeah, back then I had a BFF who RSVP'ed when I SOS'ed. Now Jenna's MIA, a.m. to p.m. living like some 24-hour party person while I'm like James Franco in "127 Hours," except I am not going to cut off my own arm. I am going to die.

Sadie: You make me so, so sad.

Tamara: I'm sorry. I haven't found my crowd yet. I've always had a crowd. Where is my crowd?

Sadie: Stop screaming like a hysterical menstrual cramp. Listen up. Don't worry about Jenna or anyone back home. You're in New York City. Forget about that life and those losers and start living this one.

Tamara: How's Sergio like that MO?

Sadie: We have an agreement. We're gonna get back together next summer, but until then, I am free to devour the Big Apple and I am loving it. I go to the perfect school. I have all these amazing new friends.

Tamara: Oh, my God! Tell me all about them. What are they like? Tell me their names. Use detail. Make it real. It has been so long for me.

Sadie: Ugh, fine. Harsh truth, the Columbia brats are nerds. I mostly hate them. They never even want to go below 82nd Street.

Tamara: Oh, that's where I live! Like way, way below.

Sadie: I know. I am so crashing at your place tonight.

Tamara: Fantastical, but we should leave before the bartender boots us for ordering large zilches.

Sadie: We are not leaving here until we are full of martinis and bad decisions.

Tamara: Uh, with my nada cash and my epic fail fake, you are living the impossible dream.

Sadie: Tomorrow, we are getting you a credit card and a for-real fake ID.

Wycoff: Jenna’s bedroom

Matty: Can you believe those people? So many boring weirdoes. You're so good at faking being into their BS. I can't do it. Nope.

Jenna: Okay, you know what? I don't have to fake it with those people, because I like them, and I like what we talk about.

Matty: Well, pardon me for not being pretentious.

Jenna: You don't have to be pretentious, but you do have to try. All we've done since you got here is leave parties.

Matty: That wasn't a party. There wasn't even a keg.

Jenna: Okay, so because there wasn't a keg, that gave you permission to be a jerk? I'm sorry that my friends aren't as cool as your soccer friends.

Matty: No, I quit soccer.

Jenna: What? Why?

Matty: It's not a big deal. I was riding the bench and it sucked.

Jenna: Okay, but isn't that what freshmen do?

Matty: Not me, Jenna. I've never ridden the bench, but you know what? I was never gonna be as good as those guys, so why waste more time? You know, they didn't even... Care when I left.

Jenna: Turns out Matty had been wearing a costume tonight and I didn't even know.

Jenna: Why didn't you tell me?

Matty: 'Cause of this. I knew you'd make it into a big deal, and it is not.

Jenna: Okay. So if it's not a big deal, why are you so pissed?

Matty: I'm not pissed!

Jenna: Okay. I'm sorry.

Jenna: I could've reached out to him, told him everything was gonna be okay, but I didn't, and he didn't either. Instead, we lay inches away from each other with miles between us.

Palos Hills Country Club

Jake: I start tomorrow. Just gonna be folding towels, but Derek says that upward mobility is a thing here.

Lissa: Congratulations, Jakey.

Jake: Well, thank you for setting up the interview and for putting in the good word for me.

Lissa: It was easy. The last pool boy was ugly and maybe on meth. You're way better.

Jake: Lissa, will you let me take you out to dinner as a real birthday present?

Lissa: Yes, but Jake, move, you're in my sun.

Jake: Oh. Oh.

Lissa: You'll get the hang of where to stand after a few days. Isn't this better than college?

Jake: Way better.

Wycoff: Jenna’s bedroom

Jenna: Last night was bad, but was it this bad? I was trying to help Matty, not lose him. Oh, my God, had I lost Matty?

Jenna: Hey. Matty, I-I don't... I thought you...

Matty: Went to the gym, because I did.

Jenna: I thought you'd left.

Matty: Are you kidding? No. I went to Cafe Foucault too. You were right. Their croissants are insane. I got four. There's only one left. It's got your name on it… Hey, so... I am sorry about last night. You were right to call me out and I'm glad you did. It was a wake-up call, and, well, I have decided I want to make some changes. I want to come here.

Jenna: Here? What do you mean? You are here.

Matty: I mean be here permanently. I'm transferring to Wycoff… You look freaked out. Not even a little bit excited?

Jenna: Uh, I-I-I am. It's just, um, it's a lot to take in. I didn't realize you liked Wycoff so much.

Matty: I like it more than Berkeley.

Jenna: We don't even have a soccer team.

Matty: I don't play soccer anymore.

Jenna: Right. It just seems like you haven't exactly been loving the people here.

Matty: No, I like them.

Jenna: You called them boring weirdoes.

Matty: Some of them are, but I'm sure there are interesting people here somewhere. Look, I'm not transferring for them. I'm transferring for you.

Jenna: You're running away. Okay? You're not coming here because it's right. You're coming here because it's not Berkeley and I won't let you do that. I won't be that excuse for you. If you truly want to come here, great, but do it for you, not me.

Matty: That is exactly what I'm doing. I'm doing this for me.

Jenna: I don't know, Matty… I don't know if I want you here. I didn't... I didn't mean that. Oh, God, maybe I did. Matty, just listen to me. Um... I have never felt like I do here. I have never felt more like myself, and I don't want to lose you. I love you with all my heart, but I don't want to lose the person I'm becoming.

Matty: If this is how you treat someone you love... I don't want it.

Jenna: What? Matty, I love you.

Matty: Well, you don't want me at Wycoff, I won't be at Wycoff or in your life.

Jenna: Matty, don't throw this away. What are you... What are you...

Matty: I'm leaving. Good-bye, Jenna.

Jenna: Come on, T, pick up the fucking phone.


Tamara: I have never shopped this much.

Sadie: Could've fooled me, babe. That $200 jumpsuit was made for your butt.

Tamara: I know. I didn't even recognize my own tushy.

Sadie: Cheers.

Tamara: Yeah.

Idea Bin

Luke: I'm so sorry.

Jenna: I didn't realize how bad I needed to let it out, but I feel a lot better. Thank you.

Lizzy: Luke? Jenna? What the hell is going on here?

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