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#507 : La révélation

Jenna décide de dire la vérité à Matty.


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The Big Reveal

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La révélation

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Hamilton’s house: Jenna’s bedroom

Jenna: Only 23 days left of high school, and while most seniors were stressing over college decision day, I was at peace, because I had already committed to Wycoff. That meant the only major decision left for me was when and how to tell Matty McKibben I loved him.

Lacey: We just had our first ultrasound. The sex of the baby is in this envelope.

Kevin: You want to hear my guess?

Lacey: Shut it, Kevin.

Jenna: I hope it's a girl. I want a little sister.

Lacey: Whoa, let's not tear into that like it's a gas bill.

Jenna: Don't you want to know?

Lacey: Well, there's this new thing people are doing... A gender reveal party. You send a bakery a sealed envelope, and they make a cake... Pink or blue... And cover it with white icing, and when you cut into it at the party, everyone finds out the sex of the baby together.

Kevin: Or we could just open the envelope.

Lacey: I mean, usually, it's a party that's thrown by your best friend, but Val's MIA and Ally's too drunk past noon to keep a secret, so, um... I guess I'm out of luck.

Jenna: What if I throw the party for you?

Lacey: Would you? It's just that I didn't get to celebrate the first time around, and I really want to make this one special.

Jenna: Wow. Sorry I was so un-special.

Lacey: Not you. The pregnancy. Honey, I was 16. People weren't exactly jumping up and down. Nowadays, they get their own reality show. Okay. Ah! No peeking. If you know, I will see it in your eyes, and the surprise will be ruined.

Jenna: Don't worry. I got this.

Hamilton’s house: bathroom

Jenna: Now I had two big secrets to reveal when the time was right… Shit… Too bad one of them was already in the toilet.

Hamilton’s house: Jenna’s bedroom

Lacey: What's going on?

Jenna: Nothing. Everything's fine in there.

Lacey: I was thinking about the decorations. Maybe we should go with gender-neutral colors. Green, yellow... Not purple. People read way too much into purple.

Jenna: What was the right outfit to tell someone you love them?

Lacey: Are you listening to me? What is going on with you? You look different. You look... Happy.

Jenna: It's because I am. I think I still have feelings for Matty, and I'm pretty sure he still has feelings for me. And I know it's crazy, but I had this dream about Matty, and I think our problem is we're just bad at communicating, and I just want to put it all out there and see what happens.

Lacey: Sweetie, are you sure that's a good idea? I mean, you've... You've been down that road before.

Jenna: Would have thought you'd be more supportive. You've always been a fan of Matty.

Lacey: I am, but... Sometimes, it's just best to move on. Look, you have so much to look forward to... Graduation, college, my party! I saw a cake at a friend's shower, and it was shaped just like a teddy bear. I would love a cake like that.

Jenna: We'll get right on that. Sorry to bore you with my life.

Kevin: Hey. What's going on?

Lacey: I'm a horrible person.

Kevin: Hey... You are not a horrible person. Your hormones just make you act horrible sometimes.

Lacey: I swear, if you bring up my hormones again, so help me...

Kevin: Sorry.

Lacey: I screwed up, Kevin. On Spring Break, Matty came looking for Jenna, and I told him that it was time to move on. To leave Jenna alone.

Kevin: Oh, Lacey.

Lacey: I know. I shouldn't have intervened. Tell me I'm a bad parent. Tell me Jenna's old enough to make her own decisions.

Kevin: Well...

Lacey: Who are you to judge me? I'm the one that's been picking up the pieces between them over and over again. Do you know how hard that is?

Kevin: I can...

Lacey: Besides, there's nothing I can do about it now.

Kevin: Well, you...

Lacey: You know what? I'll tell her. Anything to get you off my back.

Kevin: Ah!

High School: hallway

Jenna: I was determined not to let my mother spoil my day. I knew someone who would be happy for me. Someone who understood that when love was in your heart, you had to share it.

Tamara: Love is dead!

Jenna: Then again, timing is everything.

Jenna: T, how long is this dark journey of yours gonna last?

Tamara: Sorry to be all Island of Dr. Morose, but Adam's love for me was real, and I killed it. Well, you fired the gun… But I loaded it.

Jenna: I'm sorry. It'll get better. Why don't you come help me out this weekend? I'm throwing a gender reveal party for my mom. She wants to make a big deal out of everything for the new baby.

Tamara: Dial back your green monster, Elphaba. It totes makes sense. Her last pregnancy was bleak; this one's chic.

Jenna: T, you rhymed. You're starting to sound like your old self again.


Sadie: That's right. Columbia. Read it and weep for your own complacency.

Matty: All right, what do you think, Jake? You ready to put your flag on the board?

Jake: At this point, it's just a coin flip between safety schools.

Sadie: Safety schools are for losers. That's why I didn't apply to any… Ugh. It's my mom about my lunch again.

Matty: What?

Sadie: I've been spending a few nights a week at her condo and she insists on bringing me my lunch. It's so smothering.

Matty: It's a pretty amazing 180 with Darlene. I never would have seen that coming.

Sadie: It's gonna take more than a few weeks of nurturing and a car to make up for treating me like shit  most of my life.

Matty: But she's trying, though.

Jenna: There he was... The man of my dreams. Literally.

Matty: You look really happy today.

Jenna: So I've been told.

Matty: See you're already on the board.

Jenna: Feels pretty good. How about you?

Matty: Got until Monday. So, are you gonna tell me what's behind that smile?

Jenna: Come here.

Matty: This must be good.

Jenna: I hope so. Um, I had a conversation with drunk Gabby, and then you came to me in a dream, which you really didn't actually need to know, but the point is, you and I are really bad at communicating, sort of like how I'm flailing around right now, and I just...

Matty: I'm so sorry. I got to take this… Hello?

Jenna: Saved by the bell. I sounded like a crazy person. I needed to hit the reset on my reveal. Lose the rambling preamble and get to the point.

Matty: That's really, uh, awesome. O-okay. Thanks… That was the Berkeley soccer coach. An incoming freshman mid-fielder just shattered his ankle skateboarding, which means they have one more spot to fill on the team and I got it! I'm going to Berkeley!

Jake: Oh! Way to go! Right under the wire!

Matty: Whoo! I know, right? And Berkeley is my number one choice. Until a minute ago, I was worried I'd end up at one of my safety schools. And now Berkeley!

Jake: Well, put your flag on the board, man.

Matty: I am sorry. What did you want to say?

Jenna: It was nothing. Congrats. Really.


Darlene: Sorry to bother you. It's sushi from Kaiku's. I hope that's all right.

Sadie: That's fine. I guess there's no easy way to get a hot lunch to school.

Darlene: Oh. Okay. Have a good day, sweetie.

Sadie: Mom. Is your boyfriend still coming into town this weekend?

Darlene: Yes. But you don't need to meet Ted until you're ready.

Sadie: I'm ready.

Darlene: Okay. I really want to know what you think of him. Your approval means a lot.

High school: cafeteria

Jenna: The moment had arrived. Matty was alone at lunch. After royally screwing up my first attempt, nothing was gonna stop me now.

Jenna: Matty. These last three years have been crazy, but through it all, there's been one constant. You. I love you. I...love you.

Matty: I love you too.

All: Jatty. Jatty. Jatty.

Sadie: Earth to Hamilturd. You're blocking the way.

Jenna: Hey. What are you doing Saturday?

Matty: Jake and I are going to the pier Saturday night. Come with us. You too, Sadie.

Sadie: Darn, I have plans.

Jenna: Actually, I was thinking more just... You and I. Alone.

Matty: Oh. Uh... Sure. You gonna tell me what this is about?

Jenna: Saturday.

Hamilton’s house: living room

Lacey: Well, if that's as fluffy as you can get it, it's fine.

Jenna: Thankfully, this gender reveal would be over soon, and I'd be free to go to dinner with Matty for my big reveal.

Lacey: Hey. Why don't we go out to dinner and celebrate after the party?

Jenna: I can't. I have plans. I'm going out with Matty.

Kevin: Uh, your mom has something she needs to talk to you about.

Jenna: I don't want to fight.

Lacey: Good. Hold that thought… Back on Spring Break, something happened that I should have told you about. Matty came to the house looking for you, and I sent him away and told him to leave you alone.

Jenna: Why would you do that?

Lacey: You helped him find his dad and then he just left you, and I was really mad at him.

Jenna: Well, so was I.

Lacey: I... I thought I was helping.

Jenna: Interfering is not helping. It's bad enough that you told him to stay away, but the fact that you're just telling me now?

Lacey: Because I was worried that you wouldn't understand and you would be mad at me.

Jenna: I have a right to know what's really going on in my life, whether it is good or bad.

Lacey: And I realize that now, sweetie, but you were smiling with Brian and Matty had hurt you so bad, and I really thought that I was helping.

Jenna: When in fact all you were doing was getting in the way.

Lacey: Can we just talk about this later? I'm coming!

Matty’s bedroom

Jake: So when does soccer training start for Berkeley?

Matty: I don't know. I haven't officially committed yet.

Jake: Why not? I would have committed over the phone before they could change their minds.

Matty: I'm just going over everything one more time. Ferry, New Hampshire, UCSB... They're good schools too.

Jake: None of those can compete with Berkeley. That's Division 1.

Matty: Yeah, I'm like 90% going to Berkeley.

Jake: Damn right. We're celebrating tonight.

Matty: Oh, I kind of made other plans. I'm going out with Jenna. Oh, better not turn your back on me.

Jake: Ah! Oh.

Matty: What? She asked me out.

Jake: Jenna's going to Wycoff, in Maine. Suddenly, you're considering Ferry, in Maine. Seriously, dude?

Matty: I'm going to Berkeley, okay? All week, she's been sending signals, like maybe she wants to get back together.

Jake: You are reading a lot into one date.

Matty: We might have gotten together on Spring Break if I hadn't screwed things up.

Jake: She didn't seem too broken up. And she moved on pretty quick with the Marine.

Matty: A lot of people moved on pretty quick in Mexico.

Jake: Point taken. It's just... Any time she looks your way, you're ready to jump.

Hamilton’s house: living room

Lacey: Well, the first couple of weeks, I craved beef jerky, just like with Jenna. And then, suddenly, jerky made me want to hurl, and now I'm craving healthy foods. It's so interesting.

Ally: It's so not. Little bitch. Fill 'er up.

Hamilton’s house: kitchen

Jenna: Tamara. You're missing the party, and how the new baby craves healthy foods and I only craved crap.

Tamara: Your #babymamadrama has to retire.

Jenna: When we were in Mexico, she told Matty to stay away from me.

Tamara: I can kind of see her point.

Jenna: Really?

Ally: Can't wait any longer. If she tells another story while I'm still sober, I may kill her.

Jenna: I can't believe you're taking her side.

Tamara: It's not really about taking sides, Jenna. It's...

Jenna: Ally, no! That's for the... Gender reveal. No one can know that it's pink inside. Don't tell anyone.

Ally: Relax. It's not like I'm dying to spread the word your mom's having another little bitch.


Ted: Oh, funny and smart. Just as amazing as your mom said you were.

Sadie: I know. You're welcome.

Ted: You know, it is so great to finally meet you. When I was here in September, your mom said you were too busy applying to colleges.

Sadie: Oh. Did she?

Ted: It is wonderful how attuned to you Darlene is, even though you've had to live in different cities.

Sadie: Yeah. It's like she's freaking psychic or something.

Hamilton’s house: kitchen

Tamara: Jenna, this isn't working. Looks like the bear took a dump. Let me go to the store and get some white icing.

Jenna: That'll take too long. I'm going out as soon as this is over.

Tamara: Where?

Jenna: What if I told you that I think I'm in love with Matty and I'm going out with him tonight to tell him?

Tamara: I would say that it's too late. That the time for shipping Matty and Jenna has sailed and sunk multiple times.

Jenna: That's a mean thing to say, but I'm gonna let it go, 'cause you're still in a weird space because of Adam.

Tamara: Sorry to debunk your Big Blame Theory, but the two of you were never good for each other. Even if you do manage to not screw it up before school's out, then what? You two are going to college on opposite sides of the country.

Jenna: All I know is that I love him.

Tamara: I loved Adam. And I still hurt him. Because I didn't think things through all the way.

Jenna: I thought you of all people would understand. All right, well, let's go cut this cake so I can get out of here.

Hamilton’s house: living room

Jenna: Where's Mom?

Ally: She's gone to pee. Another thing pregnant women talk about as if it's a Silicon Valley stock tip.

Kevin: Where do you guys want this?

Jenna: Oh, just put it, uh, yeah, right about... But don't... Oh! It's part of the gender reveal.

Kevin: Okay. I already knew.

Jenna: You knew?

Kevin: Yeah, I was at the ultrasound. Get these balloons back in!

Tamara: Ohh!

Kevin: Hey! Time to cut the cake.

Lacey: Come on. Let's cut it together. Oh. Big box… Kevin cut the cord when Jenna was born.

Jenna: Just cut the damn cake.

Valerie: I'm back! I couldn't commit to Biggie until I had a chance to see the world, so I decided to pull an "Eat, Play, Love." I skipped the Ashram part. Curry doesn't always agree with me.

Lacey: You don't want to know what curry does to a pregnant woman.

Ally: No, we really don't.

Valerie: You know, what I think makes the world so incredible is the people. I met Enzo at a little gelato shop on the piazza. He taught me Italian, which is the language of love.

Lacey: Who's ready for cake?

Valerie: Then there was Ian. He bought me a warm beer in a real Yorkshire pub. The English are so nutty. They call fries "chips" and...

Jenna: Where are you going? You still have to cut the cake.

Lacey: You mean my damn cake?

Jenna: You can't leave your own party.

Lacey: Nobody cares. They would rather hear Val's stories than mine anyway.

Jenna: Okay, you are acting like a baby at your own shower. Get back in there with your friends and your gender neutral streamers and your teddy bear cake that I had to call four bakeries just to find so that you could have your perfect party.

Lacey: But the bear cake that I wanted was taller.

Jenna: You know what? That's it. I've had enough. For someone who wants to control every single little thing, including who can and can't talk to me, there's one thing that you can't seem to get a grasp on: birth control.

Ally: Word.

Jenna: My bad. I've got this.

Hamilton’s house: Lacey and Kevin’s bedroom

Jenna: Sorry.

Lacey: No, you were right. I just wanted this party to be perfect because... I want everything to be perfect for this baby. I want to be a better parent this time around.

Jenna: You're not that bad.

Lacey: I'm really sorry for interfering. And it's killing me to think that if it weren't for me, you and Matty might have gotten back together on Spring Break and been happy this whole time.

Jenna: I was furious with Matty that night. Who knows what I would have said if he'd have found me with Brian.

Lacey: So maybe it's a good thing I sent him away?

Jenna: Maybe it's a very good thing. I mean, now I know better. I know what I want. I just hope it's not too late.

Lacey: You can still make the most of every moment.

Jenna: Yeah.

Lacey: Yeah.

Jenna: There is still a chance for Matty and me.

Lacey: So, in the end, I was right to interfere.

Jenna: Ah... Too soon.

Lacey: Damn, I knew it.


Ted: You guys have the same mannerisms. It's like you're two peas in a pod.

Darlene: Oh!

Ted: Oh, honey.

Darlene: Oh, shoot.

Ted: Let me get a waiter.

Darlene: Oh, my gosh. Just... I won't be long. Excuse me.

Ted: Wow. Your mom is really something.

Sadie: Yeah. She is something.

Ted: You know, two years apart can't have been easy, but it sounds like with the constant texting and Skyping, you both found a way to make it work.

Sadie: Almost sounds too good to be true.

Darlene: I blotted most of it out. I'm such a klutz. You know me.

Sadie: Oh. I know you better than ever. And I am so looking forward to helping Ted get to know you just as well as I do, Mom.

Hamilton’s house: living room

Jenna: There she is! Come on. Let's get this cake cut, and we can welcome this girl into... Shit

Lacey: It's a girl? I'm having a girl? You already know?

Kevin: A girl.

Lacey: Does everyone know but me?

Valerie: Got to love first world toilets. What does everyone know?

Lacey: It's a girl. You don't have to act surprised

Valerie: A girl? Oh! I am so glad I'm here for this.

Lacey: I have missed you so much. How in the world did you travel to all those places in such a short time?

Valerie: It wasn't really that hard. Epcot is very compact.

Lacey: Epcot? That's where you did your world travel?

Valerie: I find it more realistic than Vegas. I have spread my wings, and now I'm ready to have them clipped and marry Biggie.

Lacey: Marry? Did Biggie propose?

Valerie: I can tell he's ready to take the next step. He's been getting allergy shots.

Lacey: I can't believe it. I'm having a girl!

Valerie: I'm having a husband!


Matty: This is weird. It almost feels like a first date.

Jenna: Except we're not in a closet.

Matty: I don't miss the smell of wet mop.

Jenna: What course was appropriate for saying "I love you"? Probably not one that allowed the possibility of lettuce in your teeth.

Jenna: So crazy that we're about to graduate high school. Your parents must be psyched about Berkeley.

Matty: Ah, they're cool with whatever I decide.

Jenna: I had to make a pros and cons list to decide between Wycoff and Wycoff. I chose Wycoff.

Matty: You know I got into Ferry too. That's only a couple hours from Wycoff.

Jenna: I thought you wanted to play soccer.

Matty: Well, Ferry offered me a spot on their team. Division 3, but it's competitive. I kind of like the idea of a smaller school.

Jenna: If small is what you're going for, Ferry's the one.

Matty: And living somewhere where it snows could be fun.

Jenna: Berkeley was his future. I couldn't guarantee whether Matty and I would make it. Decision day had come. It was time to grow up and do the mature thing. If I truly loved Matty, I had to let him go.

Jenna: You should go to Berkeley.

Matty: I don't know. There's a lot of ski resorts in Maine. We could meet up on the weekends and hit the slopes.

Jenna: To be honest, I sort of hate skiing.

Matty: Well, we could meet up afterwards. In front of a cozy, warm fire.

Jenna: I'm probably gonna be swamped on the weekends with homework.

Matty: Okay. I get it. So, what are we doing here? And what'd you want to tell me so bad?

Jenna: I finally understood why my mom did what she did in Mexico, and I could forgive her. Now I was the one withholding some major information from Matty... That I loved him. But would I ever forgive myself for letting Matty go?

Jenna: We are celebrating. You got into Berkeley. And that's awesome. And I am so happy for you… And I was just wanting to say that... I hope we can stay really close friends once we live on opposite sides of the country.

Matty’s car

Jenna: That was fun.

Matty: It was fun.

Jenna: Night.

Matty: Good night.

Hamilton’s house: entrance

Jenna: I couldn't say it.

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