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#309 : Reality Check

Jenna rêve de Collin et cela l'inquiète. Elle en parle à Tamara et Ming et leur demande ce qu'elle devra faire. Lors d'un cours, Sadie remarque ce qu'il se passe entre Collin et Jenna. Elle sort avec Jenna et la pousse vers Matty pour qu'elle lui dise.


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Reality Check

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Reality Check

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Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) et Matty (Beau Mirchoff)

Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) et Matty (Beau Mirchoff)

Collin (Nolan Funk)

Collin (Nolan Funk)

Matty et Jenna au lycée

Matty et Jenna au lycée

Ming (Jessica Lu)

Ming (Jessica Lu)

Prosternation devant Ming

Prosternation devant Ming

Saddie (Molly Tarlov)

Saddie (Molly Tarlov)

Matty et Jenna

Matty et Jenna

Becca (Jessika Van) et Ming

Becca (Jessika Van) et Ming


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Jenna’s bedroom

Jenna: I didn't know if Matty's cheese-nasty playlist was throwing me off or the paralyzing guilt I felt from hitting the "Ignore" button when he showed up the night before, but either way, I was phoning it in to my own booty call.

Matty: You okay?

Jenna: Mm-hmm.

Matty: You seem distracted by something.

Jenna: Unfortunately, "something" had a name: Collin Jennings, who I hadn't stopped thinking about since we bonded over lemon bars in my epic outing, but with my man in my bed, I needed to get Collin out of my head.

Jenna: I had successfully faked sleep to Matty, but would I be able to pull off faking "it"?

Collin: Hold on a second.

Matty: Oh, my God, that was unreal.

Jenna: And unfair. In my naked and vulnerable state, my fantasy had rudely creeped in and made my reality its bitch.

High school

Jenna: And I couldn't get into it until freakin' Collin popped into my head… Not on purpose. I was trying to focus on Matty.

Ming: So then I tried thinking about baseball, 'cause that's what guys do.

Jenna: But then Collin showed up in a Dodgers uniform. Damn him. Should I be worried? I think I should be worried.

Tamara: Stop being so "dramastic," Hamilton. Everyone has fantasies.

Jenna: Even you?

Tamara: Of course!

Ming: There's no way you thought-bubble about anyone but Jake Rosati.

Tamara: Not true. I have two bath buddies. One is my shower massager, and the other is Niall from One Direction.

Ming: He's not even the cute one. Henry and I only fantasize about each other, right, Henry? What the hell was that?

Jenna: Guess you and your fake boyfriend are in a fake fight?

Ming: Something is definitely going down in Chinatown.

Jenna: Now you and I can freak out together.

Tamara: Uh, Ming can buy a ticket on the freak train, but, "J", you have nothing to worry about. Having fantasies is totes normal and the key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

Jake: What fantasies?

Tamara: I don't have any fantasies, ever, not one. We're talking one-track mind here, Rosati. Can you give us a minute? We're girl-talking, and I can't promise the subject of tampons won't come up.

Jake: Uh.

Jenna: If fantasies are totes normal, why did you just lie about it?

Tamara: He is a boy, which means he is too sensitive to handle the truth, and the truth is, I daydream about slip-sliding naked across Niall's baby-smooth chest. Which doesn't mean I love Jake any less.

Jenna: "T" made a good point, albeit a slightly disturbing one. If Jakara wasn't threatened by Tamara's mental dalliances, maybe my relationship was safe from mine.

Mr. Hart’s class

Mr Hart: So, inspired by junior blogger over there and her incredibly bleak yarn about the loss of innocence, you're all gonna write about firsts. Yes, Anger Management?

Sadie: First what?

Mr Hart: How 'bout the first time you got an "A" in my class? Oh, wait, that never happened.

Kyle: What if we haven't had sex yet? What do we write about?

Mr Hart: Open your ears, American Psycho. I did not say you had to write about losing your virginity. No one wants to hear about your misadventures with Madison.

Kyle: Who?

Mr Hart: Your blow-up girlfriend.

Kyle: I don't have a… Her name is Amy.

Mr Hart: Yes?

Jenna: Am I done with the assignment?

Mr Hart: You used something that you wrote a year ago. That's not writing. It's called "reading."

Jenna: So should I expand on my story?

Mr Hart: You could, if I wasn't completely out of scotch. You already wrote the gritty, tenebrous reality. Now write what you thought your first time would be. Write the fantasy.

Jenna: Not a problem. I was an expert in that department.

Mr Hart: And this time, try not to depress the fuck out of me.

Collin: Told you you killed it.

Jenna: Mm-hmm.

Sadie: Do you want to know what I think about this assignment?

Mr Hart: Actually, I can't think of anything I want less.

Sadie: It's totally inappropriate. I refuse to write about slutting it up.

Mr Hart: I believe I said "First anything."

Sadie: Yeah, but so far, you've only given good grades for pervy porn, which I'm pretty sure is illegal, since we're underage.

Mr Hart: First off, I'd rather put a hot poker to my balls than read about your pubescent fumblings, and secondly, I have an ample supply of pervy porn. Thank you.

Sadie: You're not welcome.

Mr Hart: Miss Saxton, I don't give a crap how you lost your precious flower. I just want to know about the first time you did or felt something that moved you or ripped you apart. Don't think. What first absolutely destroyed you?

Sadie: The first time I shopped retail.

Mr Hart: There you go. There you go.

Jenna’s locker

Matty: I know why you didn't want me at your reading. It's because you read a story about us doing it.

Jenna: Nothing you haven't read before. Just the blog entry about us in the closet.

Matty: I never read your blog.

Jenna: Well, then you're the only one who hasn't. Do you want to read it?

Matty: I don't need to. We share that memory, remember? It's already in my head.

Jenna: I had no right to be offended that he hadn't read my blog, but I was. While Matty had never shown any interest in my writing, Collin, a virtual stranger, had gone out of his way to hear the unplugged version.


Ming: Henry! Stop running away from me! What is your deal? Ugh… Whoa! Jeez, where did you come from?

Rebecca: The where is not as important as the who.

Ming: Okay, then who?

Rebecca: Fred Wu.

Ming: Fred who?

Rebecca: Fred Wu.

Ming: Oh, Fred Wu. Doesn't ring a bell.

Rebecca: Let me ring it for you. Your beard has been shaved. Ding ding. I knew it was you. Ming Fei Yen Huang.

Tamara: What the hell was that?

Ming: The kiss of death!

Tamara: Becca found out you've been seeing Fred?

Ming: I don't know when I'll ever see you again, so if I don't, just know I love you. I'm so dead.

Jenna’s bedroom

Jenna: And so was my muse, or at least she was taking the night off. While the real version of my first time with Matty had almost written itself, the fantasy version was playing hard to get. "There were a lot of things I wanted to forget about my 15th year on the planet, "but my summer at Camp Pookah wasn't one of them. The first time I was alone with Matty McKibben, a God among boys, he took my breath away. Collin had not only infiltrated my sex life, "he was making guest appearances in my literary one as well. "But there was no way that dude was gonna play my muse when I had a perfectly hot boyfriend to get the job done. "So why wasn't he holding up his end of the bargain? I had spent every minute of that summer daydreaming about Matty but couldn't conjure up a single freakin' fantasy… This assignment blows. There was only one surefire way to combat writer's block: Ignore it, trusting that daylight was going to bring inspiration.

High school

Matty: You still writing that paper?

Jenna: "Still writing" would imply that I've started.

Matty: So take a break.

Jenna: I can't until I start this damn thing.

Matty: Oh, I bet we can get it started. Huh? I can give you something to write about.

Jenna: I won't be able to concentrate until I get some writing done.

Matty: You call me if you need inspiration.

Collin: I see you're on the writer's diet… When he wrote, F. Scott Fitzgerald took fudge and coffee breaks.

Jenna: Well, then that's the only thing Fitzgerald and I have in common, because I've been staring at a blank page for two days.

Collin: You were on fire at the reading. Just take what you wrote and make it sexy.

Jenna: I'm trying to, but I can only remember the real thing. That's the image that's stuck in my head.

Collin: So let it go. Close your eyes. Or don't. Think back to what it was like before Matty kissed you, or the first time he touched you. Before you knew anything about him, you had memorized his smile, the colour of his eyes, how he always smelled of chlorine and sunscreen of summer and when he finally looked at you, you could live off that smile for a week. But nothing could compare to the first time he touched you. It was like you were the only two people on earth, and you couldn't stand the thought of ever being away from him again… See? You got this.

Jenna: The espresso machine whirred under his voice, making it hard to hear what Collin... Making it hard to hear what he was saying, but the words didn't matter, because they were meant for me.


Matty: Hey. How's the paper coming?

Jenna: All done. Turned it in yesterday.

Matty: Awesome.

Jenna: And I'm guessing you don't want to read the new version either?

Jenna: Matty said he wasn't interested, so why did I have this overwhelming urge to confess? And what would I confess? I had a one-night stand with the page?


Fred: Ming.

Ming: We shouldn't be meeting on school grounds. Hello Kitty might see us.

Fred: We're safe here. This sanctuary's too dirty for Becca's porcelain skin.

Ming: Doesn't matter anyway. She knows about us.

Fred: It's the last piece of the puzzle. I knew the bitch had power. I just didn't know it was so far-reaching.

Ming: Now what did she do?

Fred: There was a cheating scandal at my new school. Guess who was framed for it.

Ming: Bitch!

Fred: I'm being sent to Idaho.

Ming: Idaho? No!

Fred: Yes.

Ming: What's in Idaho?

Fred: I don't know, Ming. I don't know! Actually, some cousins. Promise me you'll be careful.

Ming: It's too late for me too. Becca gave me the Judas kiss.

Fred: Damn that Becca. Damn her to hell! Come with me.

Ming: I'd rather take my chances with Becca than move to Idaho.

Fred: I'm a truant, Ming, a felon, living outside the law. If I never see you again, you should know... I love you.

Fred: I love you too.

Mr. Hart’s classroom

Jenna: Everything was status quo. My paper was done, and so was my literary obsession. Some writers had to drink or do drugs to get the juices flowing. I got inspiration from another source.

Mr. Hart: The first time you got probed by aliens.

Kyle: What? It totally happened.

Mr. Hart: Oh, I have no doubt. What I don't know is what transpired from the time that you saw the light until after you got probed. Equating shopping retail to prison rape. Wow, that was a bit much, but a marked improvement over your other papers. Keep up the good work, Sadie. Oh, this is good. "When I carelessly covered my lips, burned raw from the scalding tea, he reached into his iced mocha and fished out a few pathetic cubes, but it wasn't the ice he used to numb my pain. It was his kiss. The first kiss…" I'd read on, but I don't want Kyle's head to explode here. Miss Hamilton, you were supposed to write the fantasy.

Jenna: It was my turn to get called out. Mr. Hart had a built-in B.S. detector. He knew it wasn't a redo of the original.

Mr. Hart: But this feels real. Maybe the story wasn't real, but the chemistry you created between those two arguably precious characters was palpable.

Jenna: I was convinced my Collin obsession wasn't a threat to my relationship, but if it felt real on paper, maybe it was real off of it.

Collin: You're making the rest of us look bad. Oh, you got an eyelash. Make a wish.

Jenna: I wished what was happening wasn't. I had taken all the blame for the sexy movies in my head, but it turns out my fantasies weren't just one-sided. Collin was egging it on. He was the one who had opened up Pandora's box, not me. I had no idea who Pandora was, but her box needed to stay closed so nobody else's box would open.


Sadie: What'd you wish for?

Jenna: I don't know what you're talking about.

Sadie: I think you do.

Jenna: Nope.

Sadie: I'm talking about your story that obviously took place at the coffeehouse, the lust, the eyelash blowing. That paper wasn't about your first time with Matty. It was about what you want your first time with Collin to be.

Jenna: It's fiction. I didn't do anything.

Sadie: I never said you did. But now I know you wanted to. And I'm going to tell.

Jenna: Who are you gonna tell?

Sadie: Who do you think?

Jenna: Don't tell. Oh, I'm going to. I'm gonna get there first.

Sadie: I doubt it. I have longer legs.

Matty: What is going on?

Sadie: Jenna has something to tell you.

Matty: What is it?

Jenna: I, uh... Got an "A" on my paper. Mm! Yeah!

Matty: Weird.

Jenna and Tamara’s locker

Jenna: I'm worried this Collin thing might be more than just a fantasy. I think I might have actual feelings for him.

Tamara: Don't put those thoughts out in the universe. Last time I did that, a guy ended up dead. Wait, you don't want to act on those feelings, do you? Please say no.

Jenna: No?

Tamara: You have everything you ever wanted. Why are you trying to sabotage it?

Jenna: I don't know.

Tamara: A fantasy is just that. And it's never as good as the reality. Niall from One Direction and I are soul mates, and he doesn't even know me. My autographed pic of him, the one of him standing on the diving board in a tux, I bet he didn't even sign it. My point is, you need to end this flirtationship y'asap. "Yesterday as soon as possible." Jenna, your relationship is a house of cards. Don't open the door for a breeze.

Jenna: I am not the one opening the door. Collin is. He's the one squeezing my arm and pulling eyelashes off of my face.

Tamara: You have to talk to him.

Jenna: Matty?

Tamara: No, Collin.

Ming: He is not a cheater.

Jenna: Who?

Tamara: Matty.

Ming: No, Fred.

Jenna: Fred who?

Ming: Fred Wu. He's going away for good, thanks to Becca. If it takes the rest of my life, I am going to take that bitch down. I know what you did, and you're not going to get away with it.

Rebecca: What's wrong, Ming Ming?

Ming: You had Fred's house redistricted so he had to transfer schools, and then you framed him so he has to leave the state!

Rebecca: If this was a chess game, and it is, I'm the grandmaster, and I just opened with a Sveshnikov Sicilian. Reality is, Ming Fei Yen Huang, I will always be five moves ahead of you, and you will always get crushed.

Ming: You know what? You're probably right. In fact, you've been right about me all along. I'm not Asian. I'm white. And you know how a white bitch deals with an Asian bitch? She gets in her face.

All: Oof!

Ming: Good-bye, Kitty!


Jenna: Pushed to her limit, Ming had finally gone full-on banana pants. And it was inspiring. Maybe I needed to handle my problems like a white bitch too. It's not that I planned to punch Collin. I just wanted to give his crush a serious beat-down. And no matter how much he protested, I was going to put an end to the flirtationship once and for all. Which turned out to be much easier than I thought because it was all in my head.

Jenna’s bedroom

Jenna: "While guilt had been the frontrunner of my emotions, it was forced to take a backseat to rejection, with anger in hot pursuit. I was mad at myself for feeling rejected, which brought me right back to guilt for having those feelings in the first place."

Kevin: Why was this paper in the trash? And why are you in bed at 7:00?

Jenna: Because I'm tired.

Lacey: Are we having a family meeting?

Jenna: No.

Kevin: Oh, it's okay, Jenna. We can have one without you. Lace, I am so proud of our daughter. Have you seen this?

Lacey: Not only have I seen it, I've read it. I dug it out of the trash, and your paper is awesome.

Jenna: No, it's not. It's disgusting and despicable and almost ruined my life.

Lacey: But you got an "A."

Jenna: I deserved an "F." The paper was supposed to be about Matty, but it…  It was about someone else.

Lacey: Collin?

Jenna: Mom!

Kevin: Who's that?

Lacey: This boy she has a crush on.

Kevin: There's no crime in having a crush, Jenna.

Lacey: He's right. The fantasy helps sustain the reality. I don't know where your father and I would be without our celebrity sandwiches.

Jenna: Your what?

Kevin: The top two famous people we'd like to be in the middle of.

Lacey: My bread is Clive Owen and Ryan Gosling, and your father's is Charlize Theron and Kristin Scott Thomas, who you might want to trade in. She's getting up there.

Kevin: Would you rather me being into someone Jenna's age?

Lacey: Good point.

Kevin: Mm.

Lacey: Does that mean you'll still be into me when my boobs hit the floor?

Kevin: Those things aren't going anywhere. And I'll always be into you, woman.

Lacey: Mm.

Jenna: Okay. Family meeting over. Not in my bed. Not in my bed. Not in my bed. No.

Jenna: "Apart from the trauma of being exposed to my parents' make-out sesh and celebrity subs, I had to admit, I felt relieved. And normal. Even with old married couples, having fantasies was a given.

High school

Matty: So I thought that we could go out tonight, now that you're all done writing.

Jenna: I had exonerated myself, cleared my name of any crimes of mental passion. But it didn't mean Sadie would.

Matty: What's going on?

Jenna: Uh, it's girl signal for "Your mascara's running." Oh, gotta go. Better fix it. Bye.

Matty: Are you terrorizing my girlfriend?

Sadie: No, just savouring the erotic written word. You've read Jenna's paper, right?

Matty: No.

Sadie: Interesting! I wonder why that is.

Matty: I don't know what you're trying to start here, Sade, but leave Jenna alone, okay?

Sadie: If you had read the paper, you would know that I'm not the one you should be lashing out at.

Valerie’s office

Valerie: The rumours have been swirling about yesterday's fight, but I wanted to hear it from the horse's mouth. In detail. It's been a while since we've had a good bitch brawl.

Rebecca: Even thought fighting on school grounds is punishable by expulsion and a long stint in juvey, she chose to punch me in the face, unprovoked. My doctor says I have a detached retina. Would you like to see a note, Ms. Marks?

Valerie: Nah, I only read on my Kindle now.

Ming: She's lying. For the past several months, she has made it her personal mission to ruin my life.

Rebecca: Poor thing's suffering from dementia. I'm a quiet girl from a nice Asian family. I don't even own a pair of high heels or a cellular phone.

Valerie: Cell. No one says "cellular".

Ming: She doesn't need a cell phone. She has telepathic powers.

Valerie: Sounds like you think Becca's magic. You calling her a witch?

Ming: Among other things.

Rebecca: That hurts my heart.

Ming: Just go ahead and expel me. Bust out the paperwork. I'll sign it.

Valerie: Why? I have 32 notarized affidavits swearing Becca walked into a door.

Hig school

Jake: I thought you'd be the one who was in trouble, Ming.

Ming: So did I!

Jenna: Ming didn't have to look over her shoulder anymore, and I didn't want to have to look over mine.

Jenna: You need to read this.

Matty: You sure?

Jenna’s bedroom

Jenna: "I was relieved. For about 30 minutes. And it had been three hours since I gave Matty my paper. Sure, he was a slow reader, but not that slow. "It was fine. "There were no names, no specifics, and no way anyone could figure out it was about Collin. Matty would never know.

Jenna: Hi.

Matty: I read your paper. You need to come over. Now.

Jenna: He knows.

Matty’s home

Matty: Your paper.

Jenna: I know it was unsettling, but it wasn't real. It was just a momentary... Lapse in judgment.

Matty: It was hot. I know it didn't really happen that way. But it can.

Jenna: It didn't matter that my story was about someone else because my fantasy had jumped off the page. Matty McKibben was the real deal. And finally, I could get back to my basics... And only imagine him.

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